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Author File Description
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release

The Moody's Men scenario is set in WW2. It follows a day and night in the life of Capt. James T Moody and his small squad of men, as they attempt to infiltrate a german controlled trainyard in search of an engineer. Who survives is up to you, and Moody of course!

Features in the scenario are:

Frag/smoke grenades: using in-game chat system.

Grenading tanks: using in-game chat system.

Remote mines: Easily planted, easily detonated. Needed to clear or destroy certain units.

Recover system: Increase first aid and attack bonus.

Cover system: Use certain objects to protect your men from fire.

4 levels of difficulty: Same missions just more ball breaking battles with a small random/deletion/positioning of units.

Detailed map of a trainyard with train, carriages, train tracks.


TRAINING LEVEL: Collect infomation about the new game mechanics. A fancy
'read me' file, let's say.!
MISSION INTRO CINIMATICS: learn about your mission from this 3 min

TRAINYARD INTRO CINIMATICS: get your bearings from this minute and a
half cinimatics.
TRAINYARD OUTRO CINIMATICS: Survive, do your job and...all I can say is

Music from COD, BIA, etc.
New sounds for rifle, mortor, tanks, mg-42, sounds for laying and destroying mines, tanks, frag and smoke grenades.


With utter horror I discovered (thanks to Talon's play test) that most of the sounds in moody's men were not working. This is a weird thing I discovered in the editor when using home-made sounds and using 'animate object'. Without going into details I have achieve the re-do without having to bumb up the mb of the download (it was weird what I had to do to achieve this) and the update has been uploaded. All those of you who downloaded the game will have to download again, however, this is with all the missing needed audio, music, etc. It's worth it. I couldn't play the first upload of this when I downloaded and found what had happened, so I hope, for those who did, it wasn't too much of a hardship the first time around. Please see read me in RAR.

Chat 'h' in trainyard scenario to receive help on grenades, etc.

Thanks for downloading 'moody's men'. Enjoy!
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lil gunner612 ugg i dont want to point this out and it probly doesnt mater but moody starts out with half health, but he does automaticly heal so idk if you want to fix it or not
File Author
techinally he starts with around 75%ish and by the time he has got to the bottom of the hill he is at roughly at full health. It passed me by I suppose, because it doesn't affect any game play like you mentioned.

Apart from the keen eyed viewers like yourself. :D

If any more small things crop up, and add up, I will probably do a little update, but for now its sound.

Hope your enjoying it, with all the music and stuff in. Wait till the end cinimatics. :P

[Edited on 03/02/06 @ 02:13 PM]

lil gunner612 i havnt goten to the end yet (moody keeps dieing) but i came close

i like how every thing becomes slow motion when he dies, makes it more dramatic.

[Edited on 03/02/06 @ 05:10 PM]

File Author
A lot is tongue and cheek. Well, maybe that's the wrong word for ww2. Hollywood! That's the one.

A tip: The extra german support will only start arriving after you find the engineer. So, finding the engineer early has the disadvantage of leaving you with the majority of the enemy + support to deal with, however, with the engineer you have the advantage of dealing with the cannons as you find them and can counter pills, tanks, and infantry very well with remote mines. May I suggest you take a fair number of concentrated infantry targets before attempting to find the engineer. That way you may have to deal with less pressure once you find. Remember, once the engineer is found, you don't have to kill all the enemy to achieve your goal just the cannons.
However, different levels require differing tacktics. I can see hit and run tactics playing more of a roll in the higher levels.

Good luck, soldier.

Dropped any grenades in the belly of a tiger tank yet? ka-boom!

As a side note, you can get some great screenshots from the death cams - I like to call them - as it pans up. :)

[Edited on 03/02/06 @ 06:05 PM]

Gordon Farrell Congratulations on finishing what looks like a superb project, mitch!

Talon, I just wanted to point out it's "eminently" creative, not imminently creative! ;)

Imminent means "soon," so what you're saying is "it will soon be creative!"


[Edited on 03/09/06 @ 09:07 AM]

Talon Karrde I coulda sworn I did write eminently. ah well, I'll go off and fix it.

btw mitch, downloading the updated version now. do you think the additions of the sounds warrant a re-review? (taking into consideration that most of my grenades worked, I somehow managed to get the timing right most of the time anyway--except for the tanks).

[Edited on 03/14/06 @ 02:36 PM]

File Author
Talon, thanks for downloading, again!. (remember double click the 2 .rar files inside the zip file) then extract there contents of mp3 and wav files to the sound folder)

It would be nice to have it re-reviewed by you. I do believe you only got half the joy out of it before updating. The music and stuff (rain!) do make it so much better. However, I leave it to you to decide. I'm sure the addition of all the sounds will hopefully, persued you enough to re-evaluate it.

Thanks again.
Talon Karrde I guess I will sometime, but it won't be a priority (which I'd place on reviewing other, non-reviewed projects). besides, you can't really complain about a 4.7 anyway, so... ;)
grekoreko Uppsss. Sorry. I fixed the problem with the grenades. Guess I should read the instructions more carefully.

[Edited on 04/10/09 @ 06:24 AM]

Planemad Nice set of missions here, Well done

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