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The Battle for Stalingrad - Demo

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Here you have the Demo of the upcoming campaign called The Battle for Stalingrad where you will fight in soviet side during all the months lasted the Battle.
If you have download the Preview you know all the work I´m taking in the campaign.

This Demo is one of the scenarios of the campaign, the name is The Siege of Zhukov and you fight in the soviet counter offensive that encircled germans in the city. It is a very short scenario but have great tank battles and is inspired in Operation Uranus.


- It needs the Snow Mod, included in the folder, read the instructions made by EEGamer4ever.
- Put the sound files in the right folder (sounds)
- You don´t edit the scenario.

----Write your impressions, ideas or all you want----
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
nathankang0 (Im In A Hurry So Not Much But Will Edit)

Playability: 4
This Scenario Was Exciting... It Also Taught Me An Lesson... READ MORE HISTORY BOOKS. Great Job

Balance: 4
Well The Balance Was Ok.
The Teams Were Almost Equilivant To Each Other.

Creativity: 5
The Creativity Was Good In This Scenario. I Like How You Did To Ask Questions And Get Rewards For Answering Them Correctly. I Like It That You Must Type Attack To Attack The Brigde Before The Explosives Blow Up. I Love It.Its Better Than Field Marshal BMs

(No Offense Field Marshal BM)

Map Design: 3
The Map Defense Was Pretty Good. I LikedHow The City Design And The Map Design Were.

I Think You Should Make The Body Stay Longer Like Talon Karde.

1.)Dont Make All Snow Or Only Like Them. Try To Mix Terrain.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Story Is awesome and did go as the real one did but not perfectly. it wasnt all snow you know. that time winter wasnt that much.

I Liked How You Ask Questions

Additional Comments:
Im In A Hurry So Im Not Typing Alot

1.)Make An Voice Like Talong Kardes

[Edited on 10/19/05 @ 08:03 PM]

Field Marshal BM I'll edit this later after I play the scenario (my computer is acting up).

But I just wanted to say to nathankang0;

Please dont compare scenarios, if we had made the same battle or same theme then go ahead but mine was completely different terrain, location and circumstances, and even battle. So the two cant be compared effectively. So in the future please dont compare scenarios against eachother unless they are the same battle or theme etc.

No offense meant just please keep this in mind.
nathankang0 im sorry my comrade......

*smaks himself*
FireTriton Playability: 4
Very nice! The playability is very enjoyable. I like how you implemented the sounds together with the scn.

Balance: 3
It's okay, but the Russians kinda spank the Germans without too much resistance. The reinforcements are welcomed though.

Creativity: 5
Trivia + game = Awesome. Very nice job well done!

Map Design: 5
The fences and forest draw you to a continued path but it gives just enough room for you not to pay attention to them.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very nice quizzes. Stays true to historcial elements.

Additional Comments:
Two flaws so far that I have seen.

1. Sherman tanks should be named something else other than Sherman Tanks... I'm pretty sure the Americans and British didn't go on that Operation.

2. Make a trigger to disable re-running objectives. I didn't kill all the troops on the first line and got really far, but when I went back just for good measure, my objectives started over(i.e. Current obj. Explosions to bridge (or something) and Kill 1st line units. Killed first line, then it went back to Conquest Ust-Menavicht (sp) in which I had already done,and I could not advance (Good use of impassible tiles though.))

[Edited on 10/19/05 @ 08:04 PM]

File Author
Good review, FireTriton, thank you by the adittional comments. The reason of the Sherman tanks is that U.S sold Sherman tanks to URSS and in operations like Uranus, or Kursk that tanks were used by soviets. I´ll improve some triggers (in the bridge I´ll add explosions). It´s only a demo version. I encourage all people to say me comments, ideas, impressions or if your girlfriend left you :-)
polis_adrain1 Playability: 4
Is good but is very hard .You have to destroy enemy lines OF THE GERMANS and he have a lot of soldiers and tanks in the enemy lines.It likes to me the armies of tanks that exists in this scene and the places where the reinforcements go out.GOOD JOB BLASCANOPE!
Balance: 4
Well, the balance is ok, and the armies are combined well.

Creativity: 4
The Creativity Was Good In This Scenario. I Like How You Did To Ask Questions And Get Rewards For Answering Them Correctly.

Map Design: 4
Very good the map design,the snow and the cities.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good the instructions, is very clear and the history is real.

Failures:THIS SCENARIO HAVEN 'T Failures.
Additional Comments:

[Edited on 10/19/05 @ 08:04 PM]

Death Hawk hhhhhmmmm i can't finish the thing.

I take the last city to find that i still need to complete the "destroy enemy arty objective" were is the damm arty though!
File Author
I think I explained where is the artillery in the guide, but I´m explaining you where.
The artillery is behind the first defence line, at right (at the beggining of the way). If I have not explained well you only have explore in the surroundings of the first defence line.

[Edited on 09/23/05 @ 06:21 PM]

Death Hawk ^^aaahh there we go :P

anyway this was great! i'm counting the seconds to the full release...1....2...
Phoenix_SoR This is a good scenario, but when do you think it will be out?

oh and BM, I dont want to speak for nathankang0, but I believe he was comparing the scenario design, you cant say not to compare unless its the same battle as another scenario. Its all about design. Theres nothing wrong with saying one is better than the other. If you dont like what somebody said about your scenario than try harder to make yours better and not get offended when somebody says another is better than yours. I mean that is what he was saying, just that Blascapones was better, why get offended at that? And like I said, why not try to make yours better? I know you BM, your a good designer and you can make alot of good scenarios and I also know you can make a better scenario than this one if you tried.

[Edited on 10/03/05 @ 07:39 PM]

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