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The Battle for Madrid

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 2
Version: Empires: Retail Release
The first Spanish Civil War campaign

Spanish Civil War has arrived.

November 15 1936: Nationalist troops, rebels and fascists, are attacking Madrid. Republican army, volunteers and International Brigadiers are fighting to defend the city of the fascist scum. Will fall Madrid? Or will resist? The destinity is your hands.

* Characteristics*
- Cinematic introduction about Spanish Civil War.
- Variety of Units. (Regular soldiers, legionaries, tanks, International Brigadiers)
- Dynamics objectives (Retake a zone, capture an enemy captain, defend a bridge, cut enemy provisioning lines…)
- High fidelity map. (The zone of Madrid represented is as a result watching epoch maps and visiting zones *I live in Madrid*)
- Terrain much worked (trees burning, damaged buildings…)
- Limited refoircements (In the battle you will have refoircements, but like in the real battles, there are limited)
- And... fun.

- Civilizations renamed.
- The name of MkV have been change.
- Bonus technologies.
- A bit easiest.
- Strategy Guide included in Word file with extra information, how to win, history, photos...

- A minor bug fixed

- I added the beginning cinematic only because too much people have no idea about Spanish Civil War, please, you not value that, I know that is simple but I didn’t found a short TV documental and at this point I decided do my cinematic. But if you think that is good...

- If you want you can write me in Spanish, and if you prefer in English, please do no use a complicated expressions, I can understand too much english and sometimes people think that English is first language of all people.
- Ideas? Fails? Grammatical mistakes? Do you want re-skin some units and let me use it? I am ready for a second version.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0

Fight against the rebel and keep Madrid in the best campaign available for Empires.

Playability: 5
This is the best campaign available for the game! The variety of situations its great, you have lots of objectives...

The cinematic of the begin its fantastic. Its like a real TV document, with maps and real scenes. I haven't seen any like this. Its perfect.

Balance: 5
Just perfect. You begin with some troops, and you capture enemy units, receive other units...

Creativity: 5
The first scenario based in the Spanish Civil War. And with the best triggers possibles and other new.

Map Design: 5
Fantastic! The city its enormous and its recreated cautelous. The part of the university its amazing, and the effects like the burning trees are superb. One of the most worked scenarios (maybe the best).

Story/Instructions: 5
Perfect too. You will see a video at the begining that it explains how begins the war. In the scenario, you will begin with one objective, and when you finish it you will receive anoteher. All are very explained.

Additional Comments:
The best scenario available. Only download and play. Its fantastic.

Blascapone, el escenario es perfecto. El diseño es fantástico, el desarrollo es estupendo... Todo funciona perfectamente. Es de los pocos escenarios que me ha sorprendido (por no decir el único). Grandísimo trabajo.

Por cierto, si quieres, podemos hacer juntos más escenarios sobre la guerra civil. Ya sabes donde encontrarme.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
The scenario can be played and completed if the player is properly informed about the objectives and conditions he must meet.

Here's what I've experianced:
In the "Right Zone" of "Universitary City" segment, I found my self in an unusual situation in which I was unable to reach an end result condition due to the unexpected use of a trigger to end an objective for a segment in the story. In order for the trigger condition to be met Designer assumed a player must kill all enemies in an area including the reincarnated captured ones. Designer does not inform player, in any way, that reincarnated enemy units used as your own are considered enemies. Unexpectedly, the player kills all enemies in that area but not the reincarnated captured ones. The Player, believing he has met all objectives, fails to meet the Designers trigger condition and the player can not complete the objective to end the segment in the story. therefore Player can not continue the story and complete the campaign.

A possible solution would be:
leave out the Doctor, replacing the Doctor with a different unit, tweak trigger to fix a potential problem for all players

In the "Bridge of Segovia" segment, the story got a bit confusing and fast paced. Right off the bat, as soon as "Universitary City" was achieved, I'm slammed into battle on the West end of the bridge with no time to read the story lines, instructions or objectives (you just must servive a 3 wave attack with tanks on the 3rd wave). I must've completed the objectives, what ever they were, because I found my self on the East end of the bridge fighting again but had little time to take a breather to read the previous dialogue screen. It took very little intervention on my part, to complete this segment of the story, because everything happened so quickly on both ends of the bridge.

A possible solution would be:
Slow it down a bit possibly with the use of a story line that gives Historical information leading up to the battle at this bridge or about the bridge itself. This would at least give the player time to catch up with the story and thus the story should flow smoothly along.

Balance: 4
I'm not a veteran player but what I could play in the "Universitary City" segment of the scenario was not hard (I completed the first objective within 15 minutes and I give you a 3).

In the "Bridge of Segovia" segment, everything happened so quickly I had no time to catch up with the story and I missed all the dialogue. This segment of the story did not last long at all approximately 5 minutes of fighting then your done. (I give you a 3 for this segment)

In the "House of the Camp" segment, this segment made up for your 3's in the previous two segments and I give you a score of 4. With out the players knowledge of reinforcements arriving at the right moment is a good lesson to all players not to resign before they are wipped out.

Creativity: 3
Overall scenario creativity has potential but I think needs improvement:

In "Universitary City" segment the hopping back and forth from the "Right Zone" and "Left Zone" units to complete certain objectives is okay but can be dramatically improved if some type of cinematics, story line, and/or flare was used in a way to direct the players attention in the area on the map he needs to be.

In "Bridge of Segovia" segment some cinematics, story line, and/or flare could be welcomed here as well. To slow down the activity so as to allow the player to read, watch, or hear something about the story segment before the battle starts would be a good thing to implement.

In "House of the Camp" segment everything seemd okay but maybe spice it up a little with some interesting objectives to accomplish through out this zone area on the map. It is a slightly larger area to cover just for a seek and destroy your enemy only objective.

Map Design: 4
It's obvious you spent some of your time developing your talents in map making; keep it up.

Story/Instructions: 3
The structure and foundation seems to be present with huge potential for greatness. The pre-scenario cinematics and dialogue is always my favorite part in games. It sets the stage for the player to enjoy what's to come next. The written dialogue throughout the entire campaign shows obvious signs of grammer, spelling and broken English mistakes which in my opinnion makes this campaign difficult to thouroughly enjoy. With the English language not being your 2nd language you were not graded heavily on it but also not completely ignored. However, other factors I deem necessary to get a high score for Non-English individuals are: if you use a word in a sentence please take the time to look it up in a dictionary to make sure you spelled it correctly even though you used the word incorrectly in a sentence. A few words misspelled is acceptable but alot of words misspelled I feel requires improvement.

Additional Comments:
I changed this review to retract a statement I said earlier about finding a "BUG" in this campaign. Even though I feel that the word BUG can mean many different things when venturing into campaign map making. Generally, it's a term used when one can not find the root cause to a symptom that he did not, will not, could not explain or expect.

If all the suggested improvements are too much for the weighted file size of 8Meg try making a two part campaign.

[Edited on 01/08/06 @ 11:18 AM]

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Map Design4.5
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