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Kursk - The Triumph of Combined Arms

Author File Description
Talon Karrde
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
"Soviet successes in early 1943 and German counter-attacks had left a great bulge or salient round Kursk between Orel and Kharkov. Hitler had once postponed Operation Citadel, as the plan to pinch out the Kursk salient was known, and had considered a proposal by OKW to build up a strong reserve instead, but on 18 June he decided to proceed: Citadel would demonstrate German superiority by reversing the disasters at Stalingrad, and the stalemate on the front. The plan did indeed demonstrate German strength, with 900,000 men, 2700 tanks and assault guns and 1800 aircraft massed for the attack, although this was achieved by concentrating 70% of German tanks and 65% of the aircraft from the entire Eastern Front.
"Although often thought of as a tank battle, Kursk as a whole arguably demonstrated the triumph of artillery, infantry and engineers over armour. The Soviet plan was to soak up the German assault in a colossal web of defensive positions, and only then launch their armoured counter-attack. It was also an important air battle, in which the balance now shifted in favour of the Soviets."
--Collins' Atlas of the Second World War

Welcome to Kursk.
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Field Marshal BM
Map Design4.0
First off I wanna start out and congratulate you on completing this, I know the hard work that goes into any qaulity campaign/cinimatic, and in no way in the folowing reveiw am I trying to degrade your efforts etc, so hats off.

now on to the reveiw

1. Playibility: The cinimatic played almost flawlessly, the only thing is, it was a bit laggy because of all the troops on the map etc. but i know you could'nt help this to much and part of it was my computer so I'll let you off the hook ;)

2. balance: The balance of the scenario seemed pretty near perfect, I gave it a five because there's not to much to say about it in a cinimatic. And the scenario is based on actual (uneven?) odds I assume. So I don't expect you to change history :p I'd have more to say if it were a campaign/scenario etc.

3. Creativity: Now heres the thing Unfortunatly I had to give it a four, because it's not exactly the most origional thing out there, although you did a very good job on taking the circumstances and recreating them. I especialy liked the use of graphic effects etc in the artillary barrages, flamthrowers, and Mg's. Also the custom sounds were very nicely done, and it was alot better than having to read it. Although, the only complaint I have is that alot of the time I could not understand what he was saying because the custom noises drown the speaker out. Also, I saw when the load of conscripts was coming in that one scene, there was a make shift train in the backround, very nicely thought of. I would have liked to see some more of that in the cinimatic, because I got a little bored after awhile, seeing as it seemed to get kind of repetitive in the way it progressed. such as, tank comes down ally way, gets shot, sniper shoots soldiers etc. but It was still nicely done. just try and be more creative in the way you do the fights in the future.

4. Map design: Now, unfotunatly I had to nock this down one point (now keep in mind a four is still very good and in no way bad) because in the city's etc there was just that little bit of "oomph" missing. The ruins in the right spot etc. The plains were just a tad bit to plain too, Try putting in some hills and more grass, mix green grass with tan grass etc, put scrubs, you get the idea. I liked the entrenchments, but still, there was that little bit of somthing missing. so just try and put that extra bit in next time. But again, I'm only trying to help you out here. The campaign was very nicely done. Keep up the good work

5. Story/instructions: The story was a bit lacking I hafto say, the sound files of people speaking helped out alot, but since half the time they were drown out I could'nt realy tell to much what was going on. The main screen did'nt have to much info either. So try getting some more info maybe, give some more backround and tell (or let be heard :p) whats going on. But Since I pretty much knew what was going on most of the time I gave it a 4, nice job.

Well, I hafto say, it was a very nice cinimatic, well thought out with hours of hard work put into it, I applaud you for your hard work and determination on this porject. Next time perhaps try and take into acount the fields I have touched on, I just kind of got the feeling of getting a little bored throughout it through the proces of fighting. Oh and, try sprucing up your camera movments, they're a little bland. still good though, just try and make them more dinamic.

Overall, nice job ;)
Map Design4.0
Additional comments to BM's review

1. Trenches were done very nicely.
2. Excellent sounds for the stuka dive bomber.
3. I disagree with BM's remarks regarding the terrain, I thought it was well mixed.
4. The spawning of conscripts from the barracks was a problem though as they seemed to appear out of thin air. Maybe spawning them from behind the building where we as the viewers could not see it would work, just a suggestion.
5. I also agree with BM's comments on the Russian commander speaking. It was a little long and somewhat choppy, but the cinematic itself did not lagg much for me.
6. One thing I noticed that I thought was ingenious was the fact that the Russian commander was addressing his battle plan to soldiers as well as citizens. Now I don't know if you meant to do this but it created a sense of urgency for the Russian people, that everyone was involved in the war effort for Russia, including common people. If the cinematic was not meant to be portrayed in this way then disregard. :)

Overall a great job, hard for me to criticize something that I cannot do.

Field Marshal BM "3. I disagree with BM's remarks regarding the terrain, I thought it was well mixed."

I never said that the terrain was not mixed, I feel the terrain is mixed very good. the problem I have is that it's only the base on the terrain, meaning there's no grass or rocks or scrubs or anything. I looked and could not find a single rock. So you got the base fine, you just need to build up now.
von Ischler "One thing I noticed that I thought was ingenious was the fact that the Russian commander was addressing his battle plan to soldiers as well as citizens. Now I don't know if you meant to do this but it created a sense of urgency for the Russian people, that everyone was involved in the war effort for Russia, including common people. If the cinematic was not meant to be portrayed in this way then disregard. :)"

Well i think Talon used them as tank drivers because at the end they enter the tanks then they drive them.and also in the beginning they were near tanks before bombed by stukas.(i dont know whether my previous post is deleted or never occured but i said Kursk was a town not an industrial city,and germans never managed to take it and entrench there(as far as i know)..
Talon Karrde
File Author
yes, as von ischler said they were meant as tank drivers :p
also, I know Kursk wasn't an industrial city and that the Germans never reached Kursk anyway. I'm not sure what its real-life equivelent would be, unfortunately. perhaps Kharkov, but historical chronology would probably require a slight swapping of scenes :p

and RTEHistDesignII, criticize anyway. :p
Sir Robin HELP,
I''ve alreade played successfully all campains for Empires Dawn of modern world, but i cant seem to run the campaigns downloaded from empires heaven .
some of the scenarios run ok, but untilnow now , no campaigne.

does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?

I download the campaign, but wen I try to play the program (empires) shuts down. the strange thing is that this only happens with the campaigns and some scenarios I try to download, but not with the ones that come with the original game..

help help help
von Ischler download patch 1.1&1.2 and perhaps 1.3
Blascapone Video: 5
It is an impresionant video about a decisive battle of WWII were russians defended The Kursk of the last german offensive in oriental front.
This cinematic shows you how was the battle and has lots of graphics effects and triggers that do it like a TV documentary. For example: there a a scene where a canon is hidden in a ruins, a tank appear and canon shoot him. When the projectile hit the tanks, the tank explodes and runs a bit before stop. Lots of details do it a extraodinary demostration of all is possible do with Empires editor.

Audio: 5
It´s an other special section. Explosions, shoots, artillery charges and... a man (I suppose the voice is yours) explaining the battle! When I watched first time this cinematic my soud target was broke but actually runs good and before I didnt know that.

Creativity: 5
Ok, maybe it doesnt deserve 5 stars but I think it deserves 5. First: there are not much capaign/scenarios about eastern front. Second: you used lots of visual tricks that do it special. Third: the camera angles and etc are very good.
But now I want say you a suggestion: you have done much things about eastern front, you could do now a playable campaign in Pacific front (using Korean and Chinesse units to represent japanesses) or in west front (France, Holland...)

Map Design: 4
It have a good terrain mixed but it can be improved. In the city, as said Field Marshall, the use of buildings is not very good.

Story/Instructions: 5
It have a good explanation, said by the voice, of what was that battle, and I have no found historical mistakes, except maybe (I´m not sure) the battle in the city.

Additional Comments:
Keep up your good work, it is the best cinematic I have seen.
My english is not very good, if you dont undertsand something post me.


[Edited on 07/28/05 @ 05:32 AM]

Blascapone I have improved my review :)
FireTriton Job well done! Cinematics were VERY VERY well planned out. I also liked the CoD: UO sounds (Yes, I know you're little secrets) and how you did perfect timing on the artillary. However, I would have preferred the grass terrain (kind of like CoD: UO) than the desert-grass. Also, would you please send the scenario to Chaoswizkid@Hotmail.com so I can see how you used the triggers? I just really want to gawk at them all, being a fellow editor.

[Edited on 09/03/05 @ 12:20 PM]

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