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Field Marshal BM
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
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von Ischler Also change vickers machine gun name as degtrayev machine gun or maxim mg.
Field Marshal BM
File Author
Thank you for bringing that up to my attention. The bug has been fixed along with the name of the machine gun, so could you update the reveiw now? And Ishcler, could you put more content in your reveiw, otherwise I'll have to report it for not being adequite. One line in each catagory is simply not enough. Your welcome to say all that in a comment, but if you're going to re-reiw then please put some real effort into it.
von Ischler aha i found out another thing!:P you might change fw190's name as stuka bomber or junkers(FW190s doesnt drop bombs)and perhaps changing russian commandos names would be sutiable for perfection:D!!
Sir Robin HELP,
I''ve alreade played successfully all campains for Empires Dawn of modern world, but i cant seem to run the campaigns downloaded from empires heaven .
some of the scenarios run ok, but untilnow now , no campaigne.

does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?

I download the campaign, but wen I try to play the program (empires) shuts down. the strange thing is that this only happens with the campaigns and some scenarios I try to download, but not with the ones that come with the original game..

help help help
Field Marshal BM
File Author
This belongs in the help section of the forums, but the problem is almost certanly that you dont have the patch installed. If someone makes a campaign with the patch installed (like me) you must have the patch to play it
Blascapone Field Marshal,you did a good work, your scenario in Berlin is like the ends war berlin. Continue making campaigns!!!!!!!
Field Marshal BM
File Author
Thanks :) Glad you liked it, I've got some more scenarios I've been working on and off of
Blascapone Hi Field Marshall BM, you did a very good work. How you did the trigger of create units everytime? I have tried do it, but i never can obtain it and I´m thinking doing a scenario with this trigger. Please answer me!
Field Marshal BM
File Author
where your units spawn over and over when they die?

First set up the effect create object And specify the object as whatever you want in an area you have created. Then make a trigger to create that object, and put a condition on it. make the condition, and in the object tab, duplicate the object you created alredy (the one where it makes guys in the area you want) Duplicate it and take away the "In area" part. then select that object in your condition tab. Then select looping. And there you have it. Looping reinforments.
Map Design5.0
The Battle For Berlin

The Battle for Berlin tries to recreate the intense battle between the Soviets and Germans in Berlin in 1945, near the close of the war. For the most part the scenario succeeds through creating a believable atmosphere through the use of map design and sounds. The actually game play itself is not particularly deep, but deep game play does not seem to be the objective of this scenario. Rather the author is looking to create what I can best describe as an interactive cinematic.

For the first part of the scenario you control a series of constantly respawning Soviet units. While playing the first part there isn’t a lot of room for tactical innovation. You are provided with a Commissar, and his special abilities can be employed to assist your squadron. But largely, the first part of the scenario is about slugging it out with a series of German units. Though this may not sound like a lot of fun, the scenario is made more by the atmosphere then the gameplay itself. The second part of the scenario has you leading a flag carrier towards the Brandenburg Gate. In this part of the scenario it is possible to lose as you will be defeated if the flag carrier falls.

[Playability]: The scenario was fairly enjoyable, as I said the gameplay was not particularly inspired, but the experience was made mesmerizing by the stellar use of map design and sound effects. For the most part I didn’t notice any bugs, but then again, I spent most of my time looking around at the destroyed section of the town. One feature of the scenario that I did find annoying was the cinematic that plays upon the death of the flag carrier. The cinematic is looped, so every time I tried to hit esc to reload from my last save point, the cinematic would start up again, and I would have to wait for it to complete, or move the mouse quickly before I could reload the scenario. Though I only died once, and it was during my second run through the scenario, I found this highly irritating.

Playability Improvement: There is no need to have the carrier dying cinematic looped, allow players to exit the cinematic

[Balance]: As mentioned the scenario is not particularly deep. There is very little choice in the routes to take through Berlin, and very little room to attempt to maneuver around the Germans. I did like the fact that the author didn’t force me to restart the scenario by adding some sort of limit to the number of reinforcements. Generally, the time necessary to beat the Germans if you fail to use your units properly is punishment enough.

Balance Improvements: Though I understand that it would rather difficult to revamp the scenario to include new routes and more maneuvering room, but this scenario cannot receive a perfect score in this category in its current state.

[Creativity]: This scenario employs a fantastic series, of map design tricks and graphic tricks. The sounds and music, which were probably lifted from some World War II first person shooter, were all appropriate and only added to the experience.

Creativity Improvements: Nothing

[Map Design]: The map design in this scenario is fantastic. The author of this scenario has done an excellent job utilizing the tools available in Empires to create a very realistic looking bombed out city. If I were to choose one map design element that I was particularly enamored with, it would be the barricades that were designed out of wall segments with staircases attached. Something about these defenses struck me as particularly creative.

Map Design Improvements: Nothing

[Story/Instructions]: The author provided the player with ample instructions and background history. I had no problems achieving or understanding the objectives.

Story Instruction Improvements: Nothing

Final Comments: If you are looking for a short fairly forgiving scenario to pass the time by playing, I highly recommend taking a look at The Battle for Berlin.

[Edited on 05/09/05 @ 05:27 PM]

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