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Field Marshal BM
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
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EEGamer4ever Ah nice campaign. Below is my review.

[Edited on 01/27/05 @ 01:04 PM]

Talon Karrde since it seems this has been reviewed already, I'll just add in some comments, mostly agreements with eegamer here.

- da, the map is too small. it looks like you made a 150x150 map and then used about 30x70 or such. different ways would be nice (example: at the university, *I* wanted to go to the right, but apparently there was an impassable tile there.) All together, your route seems too forced and choices would be nice, even if only to explore more of the city and take in different scenery.
- I also thought this, like Crossing the Volga, needed a timer. as it is, I was simply calmly sending my men in to be slaughtered. if there was a timer (even if it the excuse for it is something along the lines of 'we must take berlin before the americans!' or such), it'd add something to the scn. the scn lacks a kind of urgency.

and eegamer, the tanks are behind your spawn point :p
which brings up another thing I noticed. - this is quite obviously based on the Berlin mission from CoD. so why not the tanks move forward with every gun destroyed, and maybe let one or two be destroyed? max is right. why destroy the at-guns? though the question isn't because they're not there, which they are, but because they're not gonna do anything other than sit there, so why really bother?

as some people know, I'm a great nitpicker...

- I think the dialogue the player has to read detracts some from the fun. you hear some people talking, but then sometimes you have to read it...imho, its kinda, I dunno, blah. dunno how else to say it :p
- the cinematic in the middle of the scn also kinda detracts, imho. there's the written dialogue to read, and also it goes all quiet. no background battle noise or anything.
- the ending cinematic, and the ending around the brandenburg gate in general, is lacking in map. what you see it pretty enough, up to the standard set by the rest of the route you have to take, but then there's nothing around the gate itself. seems kinda silly, as if the gate is completely isolated. especially during the ending cinematic when you're looking through the pillars of the gate and see nothing but a grey-black soup that is the fog of war :p
- the concluding dialogue is somewhat...unnecessary. especially the part about the fact that the russians really helped win the war. doesn't really connect to berlin at all, and the way the focus of your conclusion jumps from berlin (and the opinions on whether it was right to let the russians take it) to the war in general seems random, as if you're trying to argue against someone who just, at that moment, spoke out against the russians. plus, you don't need to credit it to yourself. if you don't credit it to anyone, we naturally assume you yourself thought of that and wrote it.
Field Marshal BM
File Author
Thank you for you thoughts and inputs. I'd like to adress some of the issues though.

1. Map design: The map is that small because if I put any more buildings the scenario would have started lagging (trust me, I tried) Because I take such great detail in every sqaure inch of the map, the game bogs down with new things that I add. The reason for the one way at the museum was because to link up with the rest of the russians you had to go that way, I can make some slight alterations where you could go around I suppose but I'm not sure about it :p.

P.s, now knowing what you do about the map could you rate the map that you did see? :p cause I spent many hours trying to get it perfect, but if not I respect your opinion.

2: the tanks: now as Talon said here, the tanks were behind your spawn point, the reason I did not have the tanks follow, is because, number one, it would be plain silly, why on earth would you send your tanks in (or the russians at least) without making sure it's all been cleared? Now I know on CoD that they went in, but they also got blown up :p so to me it was kinda silly. reason two for the tanks not moving, they would have effected with your units spawning, cutting them off etc and possibly not tasking and all kinds of nasty things :p

3.playibility: I will take into acount what you said about being able to get a tank or two, Or perhaps an artillary barrage or and airplane etc. but mainly I had men to make it feel like a russian steam roller effect. but thanks for the idea's. I'll incorperate somthing in ;) And then the timer, what is it with you and a timer? :p The russians Did not have a time limit, I spent much thought about putting one in but decided against it. I'll put more thought in and see if I can incorperate it in though.

4. cinimatics: Yeah, I know what you mean about that middle cinimatic, so I will add some noises in the backround, it's too quiet.

5. conclusion: The brandenburg gate does have terrain behind it but I forgot there is no "full visibility" effect. so I'll have that in the update. And that last dialogue, I put my name at the end because I made the scenario, not because I made the dialogue :p. I'll try and revamp that too.

Thank you again for your reveiws and comments. please do hang around though for the update to re-review/ comment if you would :p Overall, I'm glad you guys had fun playing. I shall go to work on the update. -Field Marshal BM

P.s, Talon, just cause somone reveiwed it does'nt mean you can't, I like getting reveiws from you ;)

[Edited on 01/24/05 @ 03:10 PM]

newtmf This scenario was ok better than most scenario in this website.I was stunned by the map design.It is really good.It must have taken hours to create the map.Any good job , keep up the good work Field Marshal.


Not a proper review, all I got out of it was it has a nice map.

[Edited on 01/26/05 @ 02:47 PM]

Field Marshal BM
File Author
Thank you for that...good reveiw! :p I'm realy glad you liked it, but if you downloaded it before last night then you might want to download it again, because I updated it with lot's of little goodies ;)

Thanks again
EEGamer4ever Damn! My review has been messed up. Sorry, BM. Everything I said before was in there too, plus;

The playability got up by that T34, and the instructions made more sense, while driving that T34.

[Edited on 01/25/05 @ 11:56 AM]

Map Design4.0
Battle of Berlin - in this scenario the player is given command of Russian soldiers, prepared to charge through Berlin. It was a fun and creative scenario, though there are some minor things I've got to say.

Playability - 5

First of all; it was a fun scenario, really. You could somehow feel the hell your men are up to. This was achieved by putting music into the scenario (which is, I believe, from Call of Duty). But it could've been a 5. I'll explain why.
The thing that decreased this score, was the fact that the only thing the player had to do was to send his soldiers into battle, let htem be slaughtered by the enemy fire, and charge the next wave of soldiers. It would've been more fun if the player was given command of tanks, or even planes.
Though, this does not take away the amount of fun I had while playing it.

>>> EDIT

[Edited on 01/27/05 @ 01:06 PM]

Field Marshal BM
File Author
Thats odd. Try editing it and see if your comments are still there, and if not Try editing the reveiw and deleting it and writing what you said again perhaps. since since park hadto go and remove the other re-veiw ;)
EEGamer4ever I've tried to edit it four times already, doesn't really work, does it? :P
von Ischler Playability: 5
Okey it was nice to play liked it.(Although no more tanks came after destroying the last AT gun.

Balance: 2
Here is the problem;there is no way you can lose.update it because when my flag bearer died,NOTHING HAPPENED!and then i lost my last man,again NOTHING HAPPENED.fix this bug

Creativity: 4
I could give it a 5 if it was not a copy of CoD's mixture of stalingrad and berlin.

Map Design: 5
Perfect.Absolutely perfect.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very well done(edited:P)

Additional Comments:
I think a second version is necessary for some fixing problems

[Edited on 02/03/05 @ 11:04 PM]

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