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America 1.3

Author File Description
Mob Freako
File Details
# of Players: 8
Version: Empires: Retail Release
America 1.2 : Real World Map

You have 5 citizens in a boat in the Atlantic Ocean. Your job is to colonize the Americas. You can Ally or Declare war on anyone you wish. This map is Like Europe 1.0 and 2.0

- Working Day and Night Cycle
- Hand Crafted Map
- 30,000 + on each gold mine

I rushed to get this map out and finished it today in an attempt to get it in for the Forum Party.

By: MoB fReAkO

More detail added to the map.

Update #2
Small details, 6 playes as requested.
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Author has created a fairly large map of America in which up to 8 players can play. With up to 250 pop count per player slower computers can slow down a lot. Combination of large maps and many players always cause lagg. Howerver we played this game at the last forum party and had fun.

Balance: 4
The map has scattered resources throughout. Depending on where you land you should be somewhat close to vital resources. Players start in medievil and can advance to ww2. There is a equal chance for everyone to win regardless of civ selected.

Creativity: 2
Their is not much creativity for this game as the author states it is similiar to Europe 1.0. However if you like diplomacy style games you will like this game as well.

Map Design: 2
Once again nothing unique about the map. There is no eye candy, just mostly grass base and scattered trees. The map is fairly large so it gives each player a lot of room to explore. However the object of this game is not really on design but on fun. Author did point out that he rushed the map as well for forum party.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not much need for a story as the game is self explanatory. It is a diplo style game so build and conquer.

Additional Comments:

1. Day night cycle is very choppy. Not a smooth transition from one to the other.
2. Pop count of 250 is a little light for this type of game. When I played I could have easily doubled that amount. Author should lower the amount of players to 6 and increase each civ pop count to at least 500. If pop count is upped to 500 with 8 players the online experience will lagg considerably as it did with the 250 pop count a number of times.

Despite a few short comings I had fun playing the game even though diplomacy style games are not my thing.

Mob Freako
File Author
Did tiny details to map, 6 players as requested.

On the day and night cycle i seemed to get it working at first but while in game the dusk / dawn will not work after the first, any help would be appreciated.

500 pop each.

[Edited on 08/30/04 @ 05:04 PM]

RTEHistDesignll Mob,

Play with the timing for the environment triggers for the day/night cycle. It is difficult to use the change environment in empires. Much easier in EE. However if you get the timing just right it can be achieved. :)
Sir_Jeff dont read this i dunno wat happand when i left the feed back on the other thing sry!!!!

[Edited on 01/30/05 @ 07:13 AM]

pissing me off

[Edited on 01/30/05 @ 10:27 AM]

Sir_Jeff ok iv tested it vs comp players to get a fell 4 the scen although they just sit there of wat i saw i liked it and u dont have to travel far to find resources that u need i mad it to the imp age then stopped and i hope u do make an updated version oh also wat i think would be kool is to have like some towns like james town and have Natives(indians) and maybe some more eye candy but over all it is very good as 4 me anyways and the day and night cycle worked fine 4 me but i would change 1 thing about it when it is day it turns night too fast and same with night id like it to last a bit longer it just dont seem right to me anyways.

OH and another thing that was out of place was the civs u put the ppl as i think should be diffrent u should change em all to like england or something cause china franks and korea did not ever sail to the new land well i think franks did not sure 4got.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in a bit when my friends get online or if ppl join my game online i will play them it will be fun^ ^ if i happen to see any of u guys let play ok!!!! wtf everytime i update feed back it makes a new 1 grr i have some bad news i cant host with ppl or it crashes why is that???

[Edited on 01/30/05 @ 10:25 AM]

Mob Freako
File Author
Just read the reveiw earlier after around 5 months lol. I feel that the reveiw is very un fair and very biased imo. I have designed many maps and to say that the map was just grass base is just an utter lie.

In fact their is lots of eye candy which I suppose the reviewer did not take the time to even look at the map IMO.

Thanks just figure I'd make the record straight.

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Map Design2.0
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