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Tears Of Europe Demo Version

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Many nations fought in the World War II to defeat one enemy, the Axis. Thousands of films, books or videogames tried to show the real war. This campaign try to show it.

Tears Of Europe is a campaign based in all World War II. The main battles are incluyed, and you can relive the Operation Overlord, the fall of Berlin, the conquest of Poland and scenarios out of Europe, like Midway.

The campaign will have 12 scenarios, all pushed chronologically. Guadalcanal, Omaha Beach, Stalingrad, Monte Cassino... The most important sites of the war are incluyed.

This file is the real demo of the campaign. Now are incluyed D-Day (this time in English and like the real Omaha Beach) and Midway (with a little american island a a lot of ships and aeroplanes).
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Omaha improved since the last time, NSM. It was far more fun now I knew what to do. I enjoy playing WW2 scenarios and campaigns, at least when they're good. I'm looking forward to the full version of "Tears of Europe".
Midway, though, was not was good as Omaha. The author has set an objective, which is to destroy the Japanese fleet. I did that, but I didn't win. I searched in thw hole map, but there were no Japanese ships left. Maybe you should improve this small bug.

Balance: 3
The balance at the Omaha scenario was a little bit to the German side. I lost many more troops than the last time I've played this scenario of yours. That point was most important for the rating for balance.
In Midway, the balance was good. When the big battle was over, I had only 5 or 6 ships left, and they were all heavily damaged.
But what annoyed me at Midway, was that the Japanese sent all their planes to the island right away, so my P-51s there had no chance of even come out of the airport.

Creativity: 3
The creativity of Omaha has been rated by me before, but I'll say it once again; There's the good ol' sentence again; D-Day scenarios are being made so often, that they can hardly be fun.
But because another scenario is included in this file, it should be a 3. And because I haven't seen any authors yet that have the time and patience to make a campaign about all "big" battles of WW2. I hope that will not decrease quality of further scenarios.

Map Design: 3
Omaha was nice. The beach was mostly sand, but after that, there was grass and nice ambient objects. Omaha has deserved a 4, here.
But again, Midway lowers this rating. There was water, and an island with a town (Midway). This seems very default to me, so Midway should receive a 2. The 4 and 2 together make a 3 for Map Design.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were clear, which surprises me to be very honest, because some files have very bad, or even no instructions on what to do. These scenarios have that, and I completely understood what to do.
But you could make them a bit more complicated. They were simple; destroy all Germans, destroy all Japanese. You could put in some more things, to really challenge the player.

Additional Comments:
- Improve the balance at some points.
- Add some more instructions to the scenarios.
- Map Design could be better at Midway.

Good luck with your final file.
File Author
Well, thanks for your comments. I must say that Omaha Beach and Midway are the scenarios most simples of the campaign. Others, like Monte Cassino or Stalingrad have a lot of objectives and triggers. Bye.
EIA_Entropy D Day was quite a bit harder than last but when my time ran out I was allowed to keep on playing and then when I blew up all my transports it said i lost...

Midway was pretty good although you could add sandbars or small islands out in the ocean and you could send the Japanese destroyers to attack the American attack group instead of being in a group and gettting hit with an A-bomb and the majority sink...

Other than that they were good scenarios I look forward to the entire campaign..
Angel Park You know don't need to keep mentioning Omaha, a different map. I also suggest you review a Demo scenario based purely on the scenario alone. You can judge the whole when he puts them all in a campaign. I also had no trouble getting the Victory to fire, just had my fighters go on Scout, and they killed whatever was left.

I found the map lacking in many areas. The balance to me was completely off. I easily beat the Japanese, and the scenario for that matter within a few minutes. You start out with 2 airplanes which each contain 2 nuclear bombers (why does Midway have nuclear weapons?), 2 bombers, a few fighters, and 3 C-47s. The C-47s will easily give you the 12 tanks you won't really need to fend off the few landing parties.

I find this to be a serious problem, and it wasn't because I'm an expert player. I actually had my navy walk right by the enemy before I realized it and fired. If this was a review, I would probably give the Balance either a 1 or 2.

The map design was decent enough though it didn't appear very realistic. There must of been 10 towers surrounding the airfields.

The storyline is a bit thin, and since you're translating to English, there're a couple of mistakes. I got the instructions clear enough.

Overall, I would probably say this is a 3.0 or below scenario. The challenge simply is not there. And nothing else stands out to make up for it.

But good luck on the rest of your maps, I'm sure they'll improve with each one made. I still haven't tried out Omaha.

[Edited on 07/14/04 @ 04:24 PM]

File Author
Well, seeing the reviews about Midway, I will erase this map and Im going to do a scenario based in Kursk (a battle between Russians and Germans in Europe).
EEGamer4ever You could IMPROVE Midway
File Author
Now I IMPROVED Midway ;)
Blascapone Hola, supongo que hablarás español, porque me he metido en el editor de escenarios y he visto que habías nombrado a las condiciones y a los efectos con nombres en español. He jugado a la de Midway y un poco a la de Omaha y ya que hablamos el mismo idioma voy a hacerte una opinión buena:
- Midway: está bien, ha sido una buena idea coger a rusia para representar a japón pero los cazas hellcat japoneses no pegan, hay un un programa que puedes decargarte en esta página que se llama EEStudio y creo que con él se pueden crear texturas, que podrías utilizar para modificar a los Hellcat. Además la isla de Midway que has representado no corresponde con la realidad :( ya que no es así. pero no está mal. En la expansión del Empire Earth hay una cmisión de Midway, podrías coger ideas de ella sobre el planteamiento y la morfología del archipiélago Midway (soy un fan de la guerra del pacífico)
- Omaha: este escenario, la verdad no es bueno. Te lo digo en plan crítica constructiva. Creo que debería empezarlo de nuevo y hacerlo diferente (eso del King Tiger en plena playa...) pero la idea de la radio es buena.

- En General: la campaña tiene buena pinta, si hicieses algunos retoques y mejorases la fidelidad histórica sería mejor todavía. La introducción del principio está muy bien, pero en cuanto al sonido, no tengo ni idea (mi tarjeta de sonido se ha estropeado y tengo que comprar otra. Tienes pinta de ser un buen constructor de escenarios.
-Preguntas: me gustaría que respondieses a esta nota y que me explicases que hay que hacer para subir escenarios a la página (tengo bastantes y buenos y no sé que hay que hacer). Sigue trabajando en la campaña!!!!!!

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Map Design3.0
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