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Gallipoli ;Naval Battle Improved Perfectly!!

Author File Description
von Ischler
File Details
Version: Empires: Retail Release
most of the things are improved like;
-spike pits are removed,mine field naval mines
-a cinematic at beginning
-subs are removed
and other tihngs
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First Crusader
Map Design5.0
In this short scenario you must defend the seas and shores of the dardenelles in a major battle fought on the eastern front in ww1. Your task is to force an attacking navy to retreat by sinking three of their eighteen ships.

Playability: 3
The scenario provided a fair bit of entertainment although the duration made it short lived. Luring ships onto mines, targeting transport boats before they could land and directing the subs were the main examples.
Possibly the scenario could be extended with a preparation period before the main attack where the artillary could be set up into defensive position and mines laid down using triggers. Or perhaps another wave of attacks followin the first assault.

Balance: 3
The enemy ships had boosted range and hitpoints providing a good challenge for my shoreline troops however once I found the subs i could not lose. There was no way for the enemy to attack my subs. I dont remember perfectly, but I do think that the allies had a ship designed for diffusing mines. Perhaps this could be a sub with normal range but low attack to give the invaders some chance of harming the subs.
Also, relative to the added hitpoints, the artillary did little damage, maybe increasing attack would help.

ADDED --> Good work here, removing the subs was a good choice --- changed rating to four

Creativity: 4
The story of gallipolli is one of the least shown battles on the any heaven. (I think there was only one for ee) Probably because there were few americans involved. Also, the naval battle was presented with ingenuity.

Map Design: 5
The map was the shining point of this scenario. Mix of terains and other eye-candy was excellent.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was a good representation of history with little left out.

Additional Comments: As I said above extending this scenario would be a big improvement and maybe making it a campaign to add dificulty levels.

ADDED --> Perhaps if that southern landing force marched inland and engaged land troops, more difficulty could be added

[Edited on 07/16/04 @ 04:00 AM]

von Ischler
File Author
thank you for your comments i have to explain sth. about this scn.this is only a beta version as i said i was thinking of adding e-class subs to british and the naval mines are going to be seperated from each other.the turkish infantry talking" da commander,for russia" is not a good thing either.i am also thinking about freezing the transports and the hospital ship to ensure safety for them.and i noticed a bug that only british are considered as "allies",i think sinking bouvet battleship and two british ship will do that.and i have a question,who were these few americans involved?i havent heard anything about it and i'm turkish too.this scenario will be included in an Ottoman Empire campaign.

also my subs should have enough hitpoints because in my tests when they became visible after a minute they were sunk.i'm thinking of adding some low powered sopwiths too.

[Edited on 07/07/04 @ 03:52 AM]

First Crusader as i said, my history is a bit hazy, i just assumed americans would be involved. I realise now that they entered the war afterwoods and wouldn't be involved.

Im not Turkish, but Australian ;)
First Crusader

[Edited on 07/07/04 @ 10:29 PM]

von Ischler
File Author
hey guyz any other comments?it took nearly three weaks me to do this .you download and donot write anything about this,blame on you:P
iNtRePiD Suggestions

- Give the player some time before the British attack begins. This scenario thrusts the player right into the thick of things, and before you even know what is going on, you have lost a substantial part of your army.
- Try to make the scenario a little longer. I suggest altering the objectives so that if the player can stop the British from reaching the Dardanelles in a certain amount of time, they are awarded with victory. If the British complete their objective in the allotted amount of time, you lose.
- I suggest altering the rate of fire for both the ships and the artillery.

[Edited on 07/08/04 @ 05:29 PM]

RTEHistDesignll If this scenario is part of a Larger Campaign that you are planning on making, then there is really no need to extend it any longer. How ever create a more strategic way for the British Ships to be destroyed instead of the two subs. Because all you have to do is destroy 3 ships to win the SCN and that was too easy with the two subs.
von Ischler
File Author
then i should remove the u-boats and add a cinematic at the beginning,but i dont think time limitation is a good idea beecause when the ships reach the end of dardanelles you lose..and destroying three ships is not that easy(if the subs are removed) so it will be okey i think when i do these things.
First Crusader ill re review later today
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Oh my god this was incredible fun to play it. I never felt annoying by things that went wrong, because of the nice scenario. You could put in some more features, though. The objectvies were a bit simple, and will be discussed later.

Balance: 4
The balance was exactly like I want to have it. When the British and French were about to win, I could destroy their last ship. The battleship that belongs to the player is a bit too strong, in my honest opinion. It could destroy 2 ships "single-handed".

Creativity: 5
This rating has two points I want to discuss.
1 - There haven't been many (or even none) WW1-files been submitted to Empires Heaven. WW1, though, is very interesting.
2 - If I think of WW1, I don't think of Gallipolli. I didn't even know what it was! You had a great idea here, by making a battle for Gallipolli. Great job!

Map Design: 5
The map was very nice. Good elevations, good terrain mixing and all the other things that belong to Map Design. Not much more to say here, as it has the highest rating possible.

Story/Instructions: 3
These are the worst components of the campaign, altough they were good.
The objective was clear. You want the player to destroy 3 ships of the enemy.
But I think that's a bit too simple. You could add some more objectives to make it more exciting.

Additional Comments:
- Improve the objectives. They can be better.
- Everything else I have said.

Good luck with further scenarios/campaigns.
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Map Design5.0
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