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Fortress Courland

Author File Description
Talon Karrde
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
Operation Aster was a success, and the six hundred and twenty five thousand soldiers who had been besieging Leningrad earlier in the war pulled back from Estonia into Courland. However, Operation Laura was denied. There would be no retreating from Courland. By the middle of October, the entire Army Group, renamed Courland from North, was cut off by land by the Second Baltic Front.
Follow Leutnant Berzinš and his squad during the course of the first major Soviet offensive against Courland. Assigned to the area around D┼żukste, they will end up being the fire brigade squad of the area and may end up saving the entire area as they rush headlong into increasingly difficult situations where they must be ready to give all to save this entire area of the front.
But they will do it. For they are Latvians, defending Latvia from bolshevism. They are ready to defend Fortress Courland to the last shell and the last grenade, to the last bullet and the last drop of blood, to scream defiance into the teeth of the Russian bear.

Fortress Courland is an intense scenario featuring a squad level command, four opportunities for small reinforcements and a lot of spilt blood—mostly Russian. Your commander sends you out on randomly chosen missions for a diverse experience in playing. Good luck, leutnant. You’ll need it.

Difficulty Levels
Easy - German forces as in the original scenario, Russian forces for their last push are down two squads.
Medium - 3 German snipers and 3 mortars in the trenches area are removed, the Russians periodically send 5 Yak-1s over on strafing missions. The Russian forces for their last push are down one squad.
Hard - 3 snipers and 3 mortars are removed, as well as 4 MG42s, from the trenches area, 8 Yak-1s strafe German positions now. The final Russian assault is full strength.

- Gave player another sergeant
- The approximate location of every objective flares when mission assigned
- The Russians who attack the hills have a stronger force now
- There are now consequences if the Russians gain either the hills or the town, which you do not know until they happen. While curiosity may let you lose either position, you will regret it soon afterward.
- The Russian commandos finally work(!)
- Dialogues are now longer
- Difficulty levels are implemented
- It should now be impossible to shoot through the treeline at the main Soviet assault force (when they spawn and you are in the area)
- Russian snipers now have 10 range
- Russian armored vehicles now have gun armor (hopefully enough so that panzerfausts are required to destroy them)
- The center of the Hills area is now labelled ("The Hills")
- The TC in the town is now labelled ("Dzukste")
- MG42 (in the main battle area) attack has been fixed (before it went down from 320 to 45, now it reduces correctly-to 160)
- Locations were made a bit clearer (I think, at least)
- I believe I fixed the second defeat condition
- Map design improved
- Altered the ending of the scenario so it isn't as sudden

Send any bug reports to dragon_rome@hotmail.com
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Big Ulrich Hi guys,

be carefull with your definitions.
I am a german, we had the complete package last century:
Patriotism - staying together and being proud to stay together;
Nationalism - staying together and being so proud of being together, that it went against outsiders (thats what Bush currently is going to manage with the US);
Fashism - staying together as a majority and rouling against others even in own country;
Nazism - worst of all, a Fashism, that does ethnic cleaning against all, who are not part of the fashism's majority.
The funny thing is, that fashism and communism are practically close to each other by the way of ruling, but by ideology extremly devided.
But lets play here Empires and ignore these crapy ways of politics.
Mechstra Well, it was being ignored until you brought it up again. :p And patriotism is hardly a political stance.

Good to see FC's being updated. I'll take a look.
LittleNick6 when you download it after it is done do you have to unzip the file. and if so how do i get to play it on Empires
Talon Karrde
File Author
thanks intrepid! I'll get to work on as soon as possible. I have just one issue with the review: the battlefield lacks mixed terrain? I don't think it does, having mixed dirt, grassdirt, grassbeach1 and grassbeach2 on the main battlefield.

Also, would having shared LOS with your German ally be a good idea? Or maybe the neutral player?

updated quickly, as I noticed something that could easily change a player's experience of this. I'll work on the other bugs either this weekend or after exams end (tuesday)

actually, I did quite a bit of work today, though I'm keeping the major bug-busting (ie, killing the artillery bug) for tomorrow or some other time.

[Edited on 06/02/04 @ 02:58 PM]

Talon Karrde
File Author
progress is going slowly, mostly since I've been feeling like crap for the past few days, but I'm hoping to get the patch up on friday. Luckily, I think I only have one or two bugs left to fix.
gamergc if you esc the starting climatic you get full map visibility.. :S
F00L great campaign but it couldbe greatly improved by making it a bit longer with a few more missions for your fire squad. That's all, good job!
ViP3R Possibly could have improved the loading screen. (couldn't read certain words because couldn't see them because of the background pic) Other than this very nice! :)
Talon Karrde
File Author
question: if balance was perfect, how'd it get a 4? :p
don't really make sense to me
ViP3R Sorry about that Talon Karrde. I've changed it. Sorry (again) it was incredibly foolish, I wasn't thinking straight. Great scn... :)

[Edited on 09/06/04 @ 10:55 AM]

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