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Pawns of the Empire

Author File Description
Derfel Cadarn
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
Version 1.3

1805; Napoleon Bonaparte has declared himself Emperor and created the Marshalate, to honour his most trusted and talented soldiers.
Meanwhile, the European countries unite to get rid of him, and form the Third Coalition.

It is up to you, and your Marshals, to steer away from diplomatic and military disaster and forge an Empire in Europe that will last. Take on the major European powers of the time (8 powers represented) as Napoleon, and dominate Europe through military might and diplomatic cunning. Make political decisions that can mean the difference between alliance and open war, and lead your forces in battle against enemies you can only hope to beat...

Change history forever; will you avoid Napoleon's pitfalls, or try them anyway, and see if you play the game of war better than the Emperor!

- Difficulty levels are different
- Accurate map of Europe, ~30 cities represented
- Unique diplomacy system
- Unique command system: control your Marshals, who in turn control the troops
- Computer Players use different attack routes and armies to wreak havoc on your nation
- Austria, Russia, the United Kingdom, Prussia, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, the Kingdom of the Netherlands are represented and can be interacted with
- Train 4 basic units (Fusilier, Voltigeur, Lancer, Cannon) and 5 additional Unique Units (Red Lancer, Yellow Lancer, Imperial Guard Grenadier, Latvian Fusilier, German Fusilier)
- Force your erstwhile opponents to become your Vassals, and receive Vassal Troops
- Napoleon gives attack boost to nearby soldiers
- And that's not even all...

Move the "Pawns of the Empire.ssa" file to your ActivisionEmpires: Dawn of the Modern WorldDataCampaigns folder.

My thanks goes to many testers, and I was inspired firstly by Hank and Midgard Eagle by the idea of having a Marshal lead an army and the new troops training method.

I owe a lot, too, to the numerous testers who thoroughly played this scenario, gave hints, tips, noted bugs, and gave me general advice. Thank you,

Mechstra, Talon Karrde, Adder, Hank, xLpx, NathraX, iNtRePiD, and First Crusader (who pointed out a bug shortly after release)


- Fixed error in message, where it said Russia in stead of Prussia
- Added Victory Cinematic
- Added extra English invasions on Hard Difficulty level
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
First Crusader Very good from what I have played.

However I have run into a bug, when the orange grenadiers are created, they are not attacked by my men. They then kill all my generals and i am left sitting there until I lose.

Hopefully this can be fixed, or maybe I am missing something and this is purposeful

[Edited on 04/30/04 @ 04:03 AM]

Derfel Cadarn
File Author
Thanks, I will take a look at it :) That sure isn't meant to happen!
Mechstra A bug actually slipped through your fingers, Kor? :p
Derfel Cadarn
File Author
Updated, fixed the bug! :)
First Crusader thanks
Alex40045 how do i take over a empire i stayed in their capital for 15 minutes but nothing happened what do i do?
dark_master99 (THIS IS MY FIRST REVEIW don't be to critical)and exuse my atrocius spelling!
Playability: 4
This game was extreamly hard though
very fun, you where to heavly out numbered by units that are alot stronger than you are

Balance: 4
like i said with Playability the balance was aginst you(TRYING TO FIGHT 3 WARS AT START!!!) Though you could get reinforcements it took 15 minutes then you couldn't even have your marshals command your infantry if you bought them

Creativity: 5
this is the first campaign that i have seen about the Napolianic Wars where you actualy use Napolein and his troops

Map Design: 4
The map disign was great but the land (in my opinion) was to flat maby trying up to at most 10 on cliffs

Story/Instructions: 5
The Story/Instructions was probly the best part of the game, at the begining you are given a window that tells you everything you need to know and the
Additional Comments:
Over all great Campaign, though perhaps unfair because you are started with wars aginst England, Russia, and Austria
Perhaps that should happen after you rally your troops

*- Please re-play the scenario on Easy, if you didn't do so already and add a little meat to your review and repost it. - Park*

[Edited on 05/01/04 @ 08:50 PM]

Derfel Cadarn
File Author
dark_master, did you even try playing on easy? The enemy may have overall stronger troops but easy sounds the difficulty for you, and you outnumber the enemy by far then.

"This game was extreamly hard though
very fun, you where to heavly out numbered by units that are alot stronger than you are"
That's not Playability, that's Balance! Give Playability what it deserves rather than the point that balance deserves according to you.

You are fighting three wars but the enemies don't arrive at the same time, so you can concentrate against one enemy at a time easily. It seems like you only played it once before reviewing; I didn't add the difficulty levels for nothing!

"The map disign was great but the land (in my opinion) was to flat maby trying up to at most 10 on cliffs"
The more (taller) cliffs you add, the fewer land will become traversable. On such a huge map, it is vital that the map looks good, remains playable (too many cliffs = too few paths to take) and doesn't cause lag. Imo that worked out quite alright.

Mechstra "Though you could get reinforcements it took 15 minutes then you couldn't even have your marshals command your infantry if you bought them"

Um, all trained units automatically escort the nearest marshal. Don't know what happened to you. :p
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The playability was good.
==changed later after update, bugs are gone now==

Balance: 5
The English kept attacking me, but I held them off every time. I made an attacking army with 6 marshalls, and a defending army in Paris with 7 marshalls. I think thats the best way to play this campaign.
The Spanish were good fighters, but with a big army I defeated them.

Creativity: 5
Creativity was great. Not only the subject, the Napoleonic Wars, but also the diplomacy idea and the recruiting triggers impressed me. Well done here.

Map Design: 5
You've made the map by hand. Great job!! I couldn't make it so nice by hand.
==changed later==

Story/Instructions: 5
At every feature of the campaign, you gave excellent instructions. Keep on the good work, Kor.

Additional Comments:
Woad Creations keeps surprising me. How many hours have you worked on this one?

[Edited on 05/05/04 @ 12:49 PM]

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Map Design4.8
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