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Field Marshal BM
File Details
Style: No Style
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: Empires: Retail Release
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Dopple How did u do that lol u got red of it all lol.
Field Marshal BM
File Author
Hey, could you guys leave some reviews on how you liked it? cause I have'nt recieved a review on the new one. Thanx
jimbo6james Playability: 3
it does make me feel one of those 'oh-what-the-hell.-i-wanna-play-this-NOW' ppeople. good work

Balance: 2
the balance of the buildings and other objects are a bit over the side. i saw some barbed wire very close to the edge of the cliff. but others are good enough

Creativity: 4
there is alot of sense of where the buildings and units are. a tank guarding a tiny base looks good.

Map Design: 5
cliffs, terrain, trees etc are in a really good place. nice1.

Story/Instructions: 2
it has a low score because there are more d-day campain/screenshots.

Additional Comments:
really good screenshots, btw.

[Edited on 04/25/04 @ 04:41 AM]

Field Marshal BM
File Author
"Balance: 2
the balance of the buildings and other objects are a bit over the side. i saw some barbed wire very close to the edge of the cliff. but others are good enough
" what do you mean? the barbed wire was suppose to be by the side of the cliff to keep the allies out, oh and thanx about the screen shots, i made em all myself, if you were wondering lol.
EEGamer4ever How did you make the mg42 entrench??
Field Marshal BM
File Author
Haha, its a ghraphic affect, i think its called "entrech360" i think....very usefull in things like this lol
Alex40045 i thought you just put sandbags and the mg42 team behind it.
maggotus I am not a good cinematographer but I did promise I'd comment on something of yours although I thought you had written playable scenarios.
It sure must take a lot of time to produce such an effort and I can see now how different aspects of the editor appeal to different people. You seem to have quite a flair for situational transitions and angular tracking as well as set design.
The first part of the cinematic was quite tame as only one boat seemed to be sailing to the beach and there were no distant explosion effects and smoke on the beach. I thought there were hundreds of craft in the landing. It was obvious that the sound effects just prior to landing were maybe experimental because the melee sounds happened before the soldiers alighted and the bomb whistle sound did not eventuate in an explosion. I liked the daytime effect of morning seeming to get lighter as you approached the beach. As the shore came into view, I was VERY impressed at the work you had done to make the scene look authentic and you must have crafted it carefully and painstakingly. Enemy soldiers seemed to act out their parts right on cue as the camera swept past. I liked the sound overlay on the beach as the soldiers were advancing saying things like "damn were getting picked off like flies" (or something similar). Where did you get that? Are they unit dialogues I've never noticed shipped with the game or a separate sound file?
I didn't notice the unthematic standard music in the background which just played default until the second viewing.
The tracking of the engineer was fair but gave rise to a slightly wobbly effect of view as he undulated over the terrain en route to the wire. At that point in one viewing, the engineer must have been killed I think, because they all stayed there and were being picked off and they seemed to have their backs to the action. I know this is not possible to change, but it's always hilarious to see three soldiers blown into the air by a shell strike while their comrades don't seem to notice or care. The engineer bug happened only once.
The stampede looked pretty good at the chosen camera distance and the scene looked gloomy, dusty and authentic. Loved the detail in the room with the stone walls. The barage at the end could have been terminated with more explosion graphics, the destruction of the structure at the beach head and some thunder/volcano type of sounds.
Better than I could ever bother to do as I use my cinematics as a tour guide only.
Wish people would put their voices in to narrate so I could just concentrate on the graphics.
Field Marshal BM
File Author
Thank you alot :) lol to tell you the truth i have been waiting for your review lol. and also this was my first cinamatic ;-)
Angel Park Really going to have to figure out some guidelines for movies.

I downloaded most of the top rated stuff on EH and going through each of them right now. I'm somewhat conflicted with your movie. The map design was great, could still improve but still great. However, I did feel that it was too short, and there were countless small grammar and spelling errors. I can only assume the designer does speak English natively and has access to a spell checker. Even the title of this scenario, "Cinamatic" is not a word. The campaign description and the dialog during the cutscene had these type of errors.

The dialog itself could probably of been better by adding spaces between the dialog instead of clumping it together like, "Soldier: What is this here? Captain: That's a rock."

Someone commented it before, but the tracking on the engineer was a bit odd. Could of just snapped a camera in front of the men but instead it did a circle around the units, going behind the barbed wire.

Overall, it is one of the better movies I've seen here, but the writing turned me off, and I felt it could of been even better and longer. Would probably give it a 3.5-4.0 if this was an actual review.

P.S. - All Movies should go int he Misc. section so it only takes 1 score instead of the usual 5.

[Edited on 07/17/04 @ 03:33 PM]

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