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Relieve Bastogne

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Command Patton and his Divisions through the Ardennes mountain passes to relieve Bastogne. Hopefully the weather will clear so you can receive air support...
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
peterj1991 This is a pretty good stage of the scenario the cutscenes were ok but not exelent, the map was very well done but, the first part is too easy and the second is unwinable even with all my forces in the city I still lost, so maybe want to edit that. I am not going to review this file because it is only in its premature completion stages but still needs work. Nice....
Talon Karrde
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
While this is fun enough, there are some things that detract from the score. One thing is the enormous army you have to control, it's just too big! Not to mention having to keep an eye on Bastogne too. And then, there's the fact that at least 50% of your GIs anywhere don't fight! Yes, you heard correctly. They are not GIs but American Soldiers. Not just any American Soldiers, but the ones without any type of range or attack! Wtf?!

Balance: 2
The balance is rather whacked. Not one of my armies made it through any pass to actually reach Bastogne, while Bastogne itself really wasn't under attack, as the Germans decided to slaughter the Dutch villagers that the computer kept making at the large number of TCs in Bastogne, meaning that I could pick off the Germans that wandered around killing Dutch at will.

Creativity: 2
Sure, it was creative enough. We haven't seen many WW2 scenarios other than DDay and Stalingrad, which is nice. However, working around the lack of snow is not the same as ignoring snow. There are at least two threads on how to simulate snow, and you could have at least put some effort into trying them, even if the snow is only here or there.

Map Design: 3
The map design is the jewel of this map. There is some pretty decent terrain mixing, overall. However, some things just make you and "why?!" One such thing is the mixing of the two types of cliffs. They don't mix. Never have, never will. Plus it doesn't even mix them, it makes too many straight lines. Also, the town is lackluster. It is more or less a nearly perfect square, which is just wrong for a town. There are too many right angles from too straight roads, there are too many plazas, not enough actual city.

Story/Instructions: 1
This deserves a one for two reasons. The story is so lackluster it can't be considered a real story. Also, there are absolutely no objectives. So I just kept marching my armies forward toward Bastogne because I didn't know what to do!

Additional Comments:
- Story story story!
- Test it! It needs better balance!
- Whatever else I said up there ^.
File Author
Thanks for all the feedback.

To Do List:

-"Snow"-- Addressed. Took a stab at it.

-"two-tone cliffs too many straight lines"-- Addressed. Got rid of straight lines.

-"American Soldier problem"-- Fixed.
------It must have been frustrating to send the guys into battle and they don't shoot. I hope you didn't have Patton slap their helmets with his parade glove.
------I should have known- even the plastic army men of old had the Germans in cool firing positions, while the Americans were directing traffic, playing cards, in the chow line, or sneaking out on unauthorized liberty to the back streets of Paris...)

-"balanced whaked"- Fixing the American soldier problem should help here.

-"Too many Dutch villagers"-- Addressed. I now have only one Dutch player gathering, and limited the other's population counts and starting resources.

-"easy to kill Germans chasing villagers around"-- Addressed. Only a few Germs are allowed to harass villagers.

"town lackluster"-- This is the most interesting. Lackluster, true, but this is a cultural thing. Take JORGIAS. in his "German Invasion" scenario, he has quaint, colorful, crowded yet beautiful meandering streets. Why? Not because he took art class, but because that's where he grew up. I grew up where there is nothing but mile after mile after mile of straight, square grids of alternating residential and industrial zoning, where even the major roads are named "Mile Roads" (goes up to 32 to be exact). Maybe my psych (straight and perpendicular) is as fascinating to a European like JORGIAS as a JORGIAS's is to me. So no "unnatural" changes here like copying JORGIAS. Maybe some other types of improvements, though, like expansion or graphic effects.

-"no story"-- Hard one. Mountain passes and German counterattack are fictitious, so story would have to be mostly fictitious.

-"no instructions/objectives"-- Addressed. Added Objective Boxes at key points.

[Edited on 05/04/04 @ 10:09 AM]

Talon Karrde but instructions aren't worth much without objectives
Field Marshal BM Question....How can you make "Bastogne" when theres no snow in empires and the raid took place in winter :p another mistake of SSSI?......i havent seen it yet but when i do ill reveiw it.

[Edited on 04/19/04 @ 10:50 AM]

Field Marshal BM Hmmm, it was pretty good nice little town, the cliffs were kinda bland though. Over all a nice little cmpn. nice job
File Author
OK, you twisted my arm- there is a way to simulate snow cover- but the scenario will have to be at night. I preferred the present ambient for screenshots (I tried them all)- but for snow night might be worth it.

[Edited on 04/27/04 @ 04:50 AM]

Field Marshal BM Whats rong with night? alot of the battles there were at night.
File Author
Night and snow it is.
Blascapone Playability: 1

Balance: 1

Creativity: 3

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 3

Additional Comments:
It scenario is so bigger, i cant see my units in the map, i dont know where i am, i cant fight good, there are so units... It is not a good scenario, you must do bigger maps and work more in them, build scenarios is not only put thousands of militar units in a map. excuse me, i havent a perfect english, im spanish.

[Edited on 04/26/05 @ 12:18 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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