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29th Infantry Demo

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
This is a demo of my upcoming Campaign, this will be the first level of my campaign.
This scenario is pretty accurate and Intense. I thank MOH for there sound and music, COD for there music, and my Great Grandfather who told me what he saw.
I hope you like it and tell me anything you would like to see in this scenario or a Map you would like to see in my Campaign
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
This I must say is one very fun demo scenario, but it isnt a five star scenario, I liked the sounds and the cinematics, also the gameplay was very good considering the # units that were in the map.

Balance: 3
This scenario was fairly balanced I dont really think that there were super men all over the beach in real life but it wasnt that bad considering there isnt much better way to do that. There is one thing I would like to have changed make the artillery have shorter range because I was getting shelled in England while the artillery was in France!

Creativity: 2
This along with the map design is what lagged, the story is just like any other D-Day scenario you have allies attacking the beaches, you build up your forces and keep going until the beach is down, etc. so it isnt really all that creative.

Map Design: 2
The map was OK it is just like any other D-Day map a beach some large hills lots of pilboxes, A german HQ/Bunker, nothing really that interesting, and not alot of eye candy at least not that I saw.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were the most understood part of the scenario you told exactly where objectives were and what to do. It was very well written I must compliment. BRAVO!

Additional Comments:
D-Day scenarios have been done to death 12 times over! Now this isnt anything bad about the scenario or anything but D-Day just isnt very orignall, this is not something that will get a high score unless it makes the player really drawn in and wonder what will happen next but, there isnt very much to change with D-Day since there wasnt any interesting story to it. This is a very nice play test demo and I will say that it looks promising for the campaign. Oh, one more thing I am not so sure you wanted to make the whole map visible or not, but I could see every thing including the so called "seceret rocket base" so in the campaign change that please, also something else was a little screwy I didnt get any air support once the AA Flack guns were down so you might want to change that also. Good work! I look forward to the campaign.

[Edited on 03/30/04 @ 01:24 PM]

Talon Karrde
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
This scenario is ok enough. It is an average DDay scenario where you send a couple endless-like waves of men onto the beaches and counquer them in half an hour or forty five minutes of almost non-stop bloodshed. The fact that the player could see the entire map detracted a bit from the score. Who wants to see the entire map? It only distracts the player and is useless. It completely made the last objective pointless--"Find and destroy the screte missile base"--it wasn't secret and there was no trouble at all finding it.

Balance: 2
The balance was decent enough, though my battleships were rather worthless, which is strange. The battlesips were supposed to bombard the beach defenses, not the other way around. I suppose the default resources were for training new troops just in case all your starting troops died? (Which they did). Well, in any case, it is a good thing the player has them.

Creativity: 2
*sigh* Not ANOTHER Omaha Beach scenario. There is little to make this stand out from the rest of the myriad of DDay scns. There are some more objectives for an almost RPGish feel--destroy the aa guns to get air support, for example, which never actually came. However, in the end it was just another assault of endless waves of USian soldiers against the German defenses, about 60% of which didn't even attack you, nor could you attack them, which is very strange.

Map Design: 3
This is the best map design I've seen from a newbie designer yet. There is primitive terrain mixing and the beach allows the player several exits off the beach, and all of them logically placed, which is a good thing. The base is decent enough, but the forests behind them could use some work, and what's up with the english interior?

Story/Instructions: 2
The story, what there was of one, was poorly done. Random talk between the Allied officers (one of whom was actually not present. Lucas was relieved of command after the Anzio debacle) did nothing much to help get the story going, and neither did the litle bit with Rommel. Instructions were semi-clear, you knew what to do but not where to look for all these targets. Poor grammar and punctuation also made this all harder to understand. I hope the bomb factories were those two isolated armories? Renaming would have helped. The ending was very lackluster: "we lost to much brave men, this was a horrible battle. we will be advancing later on today."

Additional Comments:
- Your map design was decent, but still needs a bit of work.
- The fact that about half the Germans you weren't allowed to kill was very strange and detracted.
- Your story needs a lot of work.
- You need more to make this stand out from the crowd of already made DDay scenarios.

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Map Design2.5
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