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Ho Chi Minh Trail

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Hey there hi knock knock.anyway so there is this trail and army.you gatta get the army and go through the trail.but becarful the trail is just a bunch of jungle and there are lots of enemys!!! turn the wrong way you might end up in a trap!!!!also this is my first map of my Vietnam Conflict its 99.9% done the .1 will be done when people play this map and tell me if the map is any good or not.Plz test it and tell me all of your suggestions and everything!!! It could be added into the map and future maps!!!!!!!!.Also am i the first to try a Nam Campain????? cool! dont forget the good raiting!
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File Author
oh and when you play plz dont open it by opening the secerinio editer! it ruins some things like surprises
AgeofEvan3001 Your right!!! (i would have quoted u but i dont know how to do that here, ill look it up) (I didnt look, but if i did i wouldnt have seen those artilary)

Well i think u should add some forest undergrowth tiles color thing (the name sliped my mind) and take out some of the tents at the begining. Oh i have 3 readons why i lost:

1. Im sorta bad at this game
2. U need to add some gi.s or some howitsers or something. almost all my men died (made no wrong turns)
3. TIMER TOO SHORT. u have only 14 or so minuts to react the gen. throwth this huge forest. oh... i liked the cine. in the start
AgeofEvan3001 P.S. Ill review when u revise or i win
File Author
actually this map is winable.divide your men into 2 groups.send the first one 2 attack kill everything while the 2nd group is fallowing.
peterj1991 Hey now dont forget me I am helping too! :)
File Author
peterj1991 Thnx DC!!!! :D:D:D
Talon Karrde
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
I did NOT have fun playing this scenario. The combination of absolutely no work on map design, the non-diversity of units on either side, the whacked balance, and the poor story all add up.

Balance: 2
This is probably the best part of the scn, but is still not commendable. It was far too easy the entire scn, except for that one part where the North Vietmanese were actually blocking the path. Then it was only too easy, once I got over the minor shock that they would actually block the trail. Even the supposed deadly traps don't do much damage. Of course, the damage piles up over time, but if you micromanage and put wounded soldiers in back, it is pretty much a breeze. There is no need for the ambulances at all.

Creativity: 1
There is almost no creativity what so ever in this scn. The only creative thing about this is that the author brought it out of any era of time that Empires currently spans, yet fails to capitalize on that. The cinematics are lackluster, together they couldn't have used more than three camera paths. And why wasn't the first one in cinematic mode? And the traps! Oh no! Such a disaster they represent! I lost perhaps five soldiers to wrong turns, and it is pretty much luck whether or not you take a right or wrong turn, while a corpse or two would do nicely. Of course, that's assuming the trap is actually made stronger, so that there is no real escape from it.

Map Design: 1
The map was grass1 with deciduous forest there only to make you stay on the path, which would be non-existant save for the forest. Yep, you got it. Not even some sandy grass for a trail. There are not even bushes to help with the jungle. No chocked underbrush one should expect, just nothing to draw the eye. All together, if it didn't say, I would not think that this was Vietnam at all. Or anywhere near Asia. Don't you know that you can rotate buildings? Eight tents sitting in two pretty rows all looking one way, that's just ugly.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story is horrifically underdone. There is no context what so ever other than it is in Vietnam and Hue is under attack. A simple mission, no side-quests of any sort such as perhaps attacking a Vietcong base or something to add even a bit of context to the story. And wtf is with all the exclamation marks?! Even some renaming of important characters lends context, which you also failed to do. We aren't told anyone's name, but it appears that some of these nameless shadows are important to the story.

Additional Comments:
- Actually working on your scn pays off
- Eye candy pays off
- Adding context to the story pays off
- Fighting just two types of units for 90% of the scn is rather dull, diversity please
- Since when do sniper rifles have such short range?
peterj1991 Ok I will confess I did most of the crappy camera angles and the horrible cut scenes I admit but this is his FIRST!!!! I mean come on, by the way this is onlt a test.... to see what people want and you basically told us. And by the way your matrix map wasnt the best thing ever either so go easy on us!!!!

[Edited on 03/26/04 @ 10:41 PM]

Confused Soldier Peter, don't worry so much about ratings (unless if it is a bad insult). I only believe that ratings are like a guide.

And Evan, I don't think you can quote in Download Central. It works in the Forums.

[Edited on 03/27/04 @ 12:13 AM]

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Map Design1.0
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