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Raid on telemark

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
The race is on to develop the worlds first atomic weapon.One of the key ingredients in an atom bomb is heavy water,which the germans are trying to produce at a research plant in the Rjukan valley of Norway.Norwegian resistance fighters pulled off a daring sabotage mission at the facility,but the Germans quickly rebuilt it.The Allies must therefore once again add Telemark to their list of targets-if the Germans are successful in building an A-bomb, this war could be over in a hurry.

please post comments about this map as im new to making them but this is a very fun to play map plenty to do have fun
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peterj1991 I havnt beaten it yet but it is SWEET~!!! u rock man! :D:D:D
File Author
thanks man that makes me good that you enjoyed it
File Author
i mean feel good
WarLord_ZeZar Well, have to try it. ut no doubt, i will get this (Im from Norway you know, so its really special for me, because i actually knew som of those who did it)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
It was very fun to play there were multiple chalenges and obstacles which was very fun!

Balance: 3
The level was well balanced I liked that you had to build up and explore but also had some map idea.

Creativity: 3
The level was well sorta creative sorta not, 1/2 of the patton campain is based on stopping the germans from building atomic weapons so thats the sorta not, the sorta is is that I liked the valley idea and the fact you survived a B-29 crash and had to rebuild.

Map Design: 3
The map design was like most maps some forests a mother load of rocks and gold, bushes and a river or lake.

Story/Instructions: 2
There were no instructions so I had to do what usually comes naturally build and attack, if you hadnt told what the scenario was about on the download screen I would of had no idea what to do!

Additional Comments:
This is what kind of a scenario I like something where you need to build but plan,use strategy, and, scout or explore for where your objectives are. I also liked that there were towns and villages but, next time try to put in some roads or people or other things than just a few buildings, I did like that you had animals in fenced areas it made it feel more homy. Keep bringing in those good ideas! Oh and also try expiermenting with triggers if you dont know how you can email me at pjfarre@adelphia.net or go to the scenario desingn forum and ask things there. Good Map and Level hope to see more from you! good job!
Midgard Eagle Notes:
- This review refers to the original upload.

- Not rated. I don't believe in rating beginners' scenarios.

Being from the old city of Bergen located on the West Norwegian coast, I just had to download this one. I found that although the idea is creative, and I like resistance/guerilla scenarios, this one lacked a good deal to become a classic scenario. For a beginner's scenario, though, it's not bad at all.

I found this map a bit too simplistic. Basically, it's a Build&Destroy mission where your goal is to fight your way past two nazi bases and take the central missile base. There were not really any surprises along the way, though.

You had a variety of available buildings to construct and a Town Centre to create citizens with. The problem with this was that it's pretty grossly wrong when compared to the actual events in the region (the Brits never built a military base in Telemark as part of destroying the Vemork factory).

The map was okay. For some reason you could build a base, which greatly helped you fight your way through the nazi-occupied towns to the central island.

It was a, to me, easy map which could use some more challenges.

World War II raged. Norway and nearly all of continental Europe was under the nazis. At some point during the war, resistance fighters became aware that the by-then-nazi-controlled Vemork hydroelectric hydrogen factory owned by Norwegian Hydro Inc. was exporting heavy water by the ferry "Hydro" (recurrent word?;)) to Germany.

Vemoprk became a target for both British and Norwegian guerilla units. Eventually, their raids might have stalled the atomic bomb research in Germany sufficiently to allow the Allies to stop the nazis from being the first to field an atomic bomb.

This makes for a good setting for a historical campaign or scenario, and this is the first Rjukan Heavy Water operations scenario I've ever seen. However, there isn't much creativity inside the map.

Map Design:
I had two hassles with the map design. First of all, I found the map very naked. There was hardly any eye-candy at all. While there certainly were some great looking spots (like the lumber camp with the combination of grassblades and stumps), the majority of the map was pretty undetailed. I also found that there was nearly no variation of terrain. There were bridges, but they had no walls or edges in any ways, but were just "sandbanks" stretching over the rivers. Also, the map was flat. Norway is everything but.

Second, it was grossly inaccurate. Both Vemork and Rjukan were completely off (see screenshots below).

The instructions at the download site, although short, gave me an idea of what I was supposed to do.

There were, however, no objectives or dialogues in-game. It appears to me that the author does not know how to use triggers.

Additional Comments:
I'll cover several topics here, for the author as well as for other designers.

Also, while I don't expect you to research the shoe sizes and favorite foods of the characters involved, I'd like you to at least do some research to find out what the area you're working on looked like, as well as get an overview (even if you think you know everything about the subject). In other words, I don't need you to recreate Rjukan house for house, but make the general shape and feel more like the real life counterpart. I see some historical names and facts in the scenario, but you should also get the map straight.

As for the objectives, make an effect, choose "Player" (from the drop-down menu reading "Object"), go to Objective (effect type drop-down menu, should say "Create" by default). Then add an objective and leave the effect as Show All Objectives/Player 1. Name the effect.

Now make a trigger and add the effect to it. It's that simple.

Dialogue works the same way, except you'll be "Send Dialgoue" or "Send Chat Message" effect, which is under "Media".

Suggested sources for research if you want to keep pursuing the idea:
http://www.angelfire.com/co2/Aragon/rjukan.html -Web Site on the attack this scenario is based on (in Norwegian). The site gives an overview of the raids on the facility.

http://www.planetmedalofhonor.com/rjukanproject/pictures/factory/vemork4.jpg - A picture of the power plant. As you can tell, it's (luckily) not exactly your island rocket base/fortress;).

http://www.kolumbus.fi/matti.gronroos/images/Rjukan.jpg -Rjukan.

Best of luck in the future, and nice try!

- Middie -

[Edited on 02/29/04 @ 12:25 PM]

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