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Comando mission

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
My second scenario,i hope you like it.
You have a comando force at your disposial and you must complete the objectives ingame. good luck
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File Author
can you guys give me a rewiew???
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2

This is a very short scenario on a small map. It's called "Commando Mission", but I really didn't feel like I was being sneaky. There were signs and roads leading me exactly to where I had to go, and there was no trick or even any difficulty in fulfilling any of the three objectives. The objectives would have been more interesting had there been a bit of a puzzle to figure out. This scenario would have benefited from more "Commando" like missions, such as killing an officer or stealing documents out of a base. As it is you can pretty much attack-move your way to victory, which is not very commando to me at all. I liked that you did implement some triggers such as the paradrop coming in. However, I did notice that there wasn't any Victory condition so the scenario never ended, and when you get control of the sub crew on of the guys doesn't switch over to your side.

Balance: 2

I gave a two because there was very little balance. The units I had compared to the enemy wasn't remotely fair, so the two fights I engaged in ended really quickly. I liked that you allowed the player to find extra units from the sub crew, but I wished they had a better purpose. This sort of ties in with what I said above about adding puzzles. Maybe do something that ONLY the Commando's can do, or that they can do MUCH easier than the SAS guys could. For example, with just the SAS guys you could make taking out the AA gun difficult. But if I had the Commando's, I could use them to sneak in and kill a German officer or something which would then allow my SAS guys to blow the AA gun up easier.

Creativity: 2

I would have given this at least a 3 had there been some interesting commando-style solutions to the objectives. I liked that you scaled the sub up (It did look kind of rediculous in a small river) but it was scaled more realistically. The paradrop was good too. Again, since this is a commando scenario I really would have liked more commando-like solutions to the objectives. Let's say the only way into the German base was to use a Commando. If you tried attacking it head on with all your troops, you'd get slaughtered. The Commando's could sneak in and then jump into a MG42 pillbox and start mowing down the enemy from within the base. Also, I never used any of the SAS's special abilities. Add a situation where they HAVE to swim in order to get figure out a solution, or have a building you need to plant an explosives on (Rather than just using thier machine guns).

Map Design: 3

The design was adequate. You had some roads and signs, as well as a bridge and a ruined city. However, I'd suggest taking more time with the actual terrain. You placed a town, but why isn't there any roads? I'd imagine a town to be a well-traveled place, so at least some dirt should be there and not fresh looking grass. Same with the German base and AA-gun area. Add some barbed wire, sandbags, dirt terrain, etc. Make it look fortified.

Story/Instructions: 3

There really wasn't any story, but the intructions were clear (If not a little TOO clear, considering its a commando missions). The spelling was rife with errors, however, and it appears that little care was made writing them out. Nothing extraordinary here, just enough for the purpose of the scenario. I'm glad to see some attempt at putting in some cinematics though!

Additional Comments:

Don't let the low score discourage you. The reason I take the time to write out a lengthy review like this is the hope that you will be able to gather some useful information for whatever scenario you'll be making next. Try and play some scenarios that have received high scores and find out why they have those scores. Look at the map, examine the gameplay, etc.
File Author
ok, thanks for the rewiew, i will have your words in mind
peterj1991 With your permisson Data_M I have edited the mission and done alot of the sugested ideas that reviewers have given and changed things a bit. If you do give me your permission plz post a message or email me at pjfarre@adelphia.net THNX!

[Edited on 03/04/04 @ 04:28 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
It was very easy to play almost too easy i had this large group of dough boys and sas ops and they only had a few troops any way.

Balance: 1
It is a very unbalanced game because i have so many troops in so strong numbers, there was no point to giving orders!

Creativity: 2
It is fairly creative, considering that 50% of most scenarios are based in WW2.

Map Design: 2
Not very good map there are no hills no heavy terrain obstacles and every thing is too easy to find!

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were pretty clear considering that 10% of the words were spelled wrong.

Additional Comments:
I think if you took more time in thinking this through and given the level more complexity it would have gotten at least a 4! Keep bringn those good stories!
XanderB Your scenario is good. But next time you try to make a scn try making the computer create a random map then you modify it to your likin. The mission itself was pretty good but the bigest downside was the map, to flat and to simple. I made a scenario (starting from yours) named Commando Mission. It's my first so tell me if you like it. (it should apear in about 24h).

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Map Design2.5
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