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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » IMPERIAL WAR:France versus England(with full instructions )updated.

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IMPERIAL WAR:France versus England(with full instructions )updated.

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Huge scenario lovely detailed..in it you will live the history of the british occupation of North france.you will start with a few frenchs and then you will have to go village by village joininig more frenchs to your cause and fighting the diferent british you find on the way ,releasing all the villages..and towns until the british are totally out of france.
you will start with a few units,that will get increased as you release towns..getting the battles stronger..till getting till more or less a 500 units army..many hours of gameplay.fight strategy super important.
minim requieremntes:athlon xp1.3
64mb graphic card
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Big Ulrich
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
This is a nice job for beginners. I was first confused, which units may be used or not, but after a short look around, i found some playable units in the south-west. The followup is a runaround in given line, collecting some more units, which are simply frozen before you arrive, no real surprises, but nice waste of time. If you like an easy game for half an hour, this one is okay.

Balance: 4
The mix of units is well done. Historically a joke, but fair enough for a relaxed gaming. Maybe, if the author does some more scenarios like this, he can combine them to be a campaign, supporting different skill levels. Making it a bit harder and more tricky to play would be nice. The french troops outnumbers the british extremely. But as i mentioned, fair enough for beginners.

Creativity: 3
It is just a line to walk thru. Cliffs are used, to stop the french break thru the forests. No surprises, but solid work.

Map Design: 4
The author definetely spended some hours by creating this map. It really looks like hard work. The forest is a nice mix, the landscape uses lots of textures. But: Next time the author should use unpassable fields instead of cliffs to stop the french moving thru forests.

Story/Instructions: 1
The 'full instructions' are a joke. Okay, i do have problems with my bad english, too. But these 'instructions' are really funny. Because of the extrem bad english, i assume, the author is an American ;-)

Additional Comments:
I do not know, why the author announced this as being the best game ever made. And i do not know, why the comments above are so extremly angry. This is just a solid beginners job, nice gameplay for other beginners. That's okay and enough.
Midgard Eagle
Map Design1.0
This is simply another "fight your way down a winding path with an army big enough to defead the enemy"-style Fixed Force scenario that we've seen way too many of for Age of Empires II.

Playability: 1
Napoleon has apparently somehow lost the war against the British, or maybe never made it to a commanding position in the first place. Either way, France is occupied by British forces and most French military assets have been captured by the British. What exactly is the reason for why France is occupied is not revealed to us, and in my opinion, it seems the author didn't know France was not occupied at that time in the first place.

So you start within a fortress with a group of citizens and a handfull of various military units. Several towns are revealed around the map, and your objective are to go to them, defeat the British forces overlooking them, and free your French comrades. The process is repeated through a long that winds in tight turns through the whole large map, before you're finally pitted against a British fort in the north. Anyone -including my grandmother (who is, with deep respect void of computer knowledge) and my 11-year old brother- could make a scenario like his.

The English in the scenario is horrible. For example, the English are reffered to as "engleses". There is hardly any *C*apitalization of the first letter in first words, and the spelling is incoherent at best.

Balance: 2
The scenario works, I'll put it that simple. You have a variety of units, the English doesn't. Your armies, though, are about the same size. All in all, the scenario is too easy.

Creativity: 1
We've seen this before. Way too many times before. There's nothing new about this scenario at all.

The "alternate history" setting is interesting, but I suspect this is more of a cover-up for the author's faulty belief that France was occupied by the English at the time (Jorgias himself claims you are "living the history").

Map Design: 1
There is no eye-candy in this map at all. Sure, there are a few haypiles, but that's about it. Terrain is varied, but that doesn't make for a rating of 2. There are several areas in the map that are completely blank, such as outside the final English fortress. I don't see a single way this scenario map could score a "two".

Story/Instructions: 2
Instructions in this scenario are sparse, but fills you in on the scenario. More background information, such as the names of the towns and characters would be nice, though.

As a side note, it doesn't have the mandatory disclaimer line required by the Empires License Agreement as part of its description.

Additional Comments:
Hardly any that haven't already been put into countless of reviews of countless of similar scenarios (go to Age of Kings Heaven and search for "FF"/"RPG" scenarios with a rating of ">3"). We don't need any more scenarios like this. Oh, and just to put things straight, we don't need scenarios with 2000 units versus 2000 units either. Just in case someone considered making one, that is.

Midgard Eagle

PS: Big Ulrich, very funny. But Jorgias is Latin, Spanish, or Portugese;). And your English doesn't exactly rule either. I'll stop now, though, before you question my German and I make a fool of myself replying.. -Middie

[Edited on 01/29/04 @ 10:29 PM]

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Map Design2.5
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Size:1.50 MB