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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » IMPERIAL WAR:France versus England(with full instructions )updated.

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IMPERIAL WAR:France versus England(with full instructions )updated.

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Huge scenario lovely detailed..in it you will live the history of the british occupation of North france.you will start with a few frenchs and then you will have to go village by village joininig more frenchs to your cause and fighting the diferent british you find on the way ,releasing all the villages..and towns until the british are totally out of france.
you will start with a few units,that will get increased as you release towns..getting the battles stronger..till getting till more or less a 500 units army..many hours of gameplay.fight strategy super important.
minim requieremntes:athlon xp1.3
64mb graphic card
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mechstra I haven't downloaded any of your scenarios, and I'll tell you why - your over-the-top, hyperbolic, badly-spelt descriptions are enough to put me off. Not to mention the fact that these 'huge, detailed scenarios' are churned out at an incredibly rate of knots, and seem to bear little or no resemblence to the actual history: for example, the British never occupied France during the Napoleonic Wars. It was, in fact, very nearly the other way around.
The Crazy Person You do realize that Napoleon had the greatest army in all of Europe and it took the combined forces of Prussia, England, and Russia to bring him down at Waterloo. It was hardly the French who were in distress.
reginas Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)
Really envolving game ,you start your aventures with a few french units ,then you go village by village,in some the citizens enrole to your army,in others you have to release french prisoners ,all in upgrading scale,from less to more.
Balance: 4
(Insert Balance analysis here)perfect or almost.the difficulty is gradually increased as well the size of the battles and complexity of the srategie

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)really original it reminds me from some movie I saw.

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)very original detailed small villages,farm villages,portcitys,imperial forts,the land, I did like it

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
Are good .But just like they appear at the begining dont look so nice
Additional Comments:well a game really to play and enjoy realistic imperial battles in a fiction history of a invasion of france by the british.I am gonna become a fan of jorgias and his big scenarios.I don't mind his english spelling I understand he is not english speaker(neither I am) something some guys should respect ,but it is perfectly understandable so more than enough.

[Edited on 01/29/04 @ 06:14 PM]

Midgard Eagle I e-mailed Park on Jorgias. Hopefully he'll do something.

After the way he commented his own scenario as great, I also asked for an IP address comparison.

To Jorgias: Please don't double-post files on top of everything else. Your blatant disrespect of any and all written and unwritten rules and guidelines at the Centre is annoying enough as it is.

File Author
To anybody who watch these comments,like they can see that they are very diferent.I recomend to just download the campaign and scenarios of Big Ulrich(Hans Muller) and the semiscenario Ship Deck Template of Midgard Eagle then they can see who really is worth to believe.

About my English sorry ,yes I am spanish,I make my scenarios for myself and enough that I translate them (badly ,but understandable) so other people can also play them.
It seems that some people confuse scenario with campaign.If i want to play a simple scenario,small i just play a random map of empires,where i can also adjust the difficulty to a very high one.
If i want to play one with lots of instructions and complicated history then i play a campaign.
So if i make an a scenario is to make something that empires doesn't give to me . a huge scenario with lots of details,and where i can have macrobattles.
About self rating Middgard was right so i will not do it anymore,so i hope that he does the same and avoids to rate my scenarios anymore(unless he rates leaving out personal feelings).
PD.there was a rate of a guy to my II world war scenario.The one who had to oveclock his graphic card.Well that's was a real one not of mine.SO i think that more than removing attending at rates coming from the same I.P.The administrator has just removed any high rate to my scenarios.WHat i find that breaks the neutrality that the administrator should have.
Also i think that some very offensive,(into the personal comments)i have received should also be removed to keep clean and healthy these forums or comments.Comment,rate,technically and always with respect.
Midgard Eagle I feel obliged to say something to my defense.

"To anybody who watch these comments,like they can see that they are very diferent.I recomend to just download the campaign and scenarios of Big Ulrich(Hans Muller) and the semi-scenario Ship Deck Template of Midgard Eagle then they can see who really is worth to believe."
Thank you. I really appreciate your detailed review of my template and the faults you found in it.

Oh, and just to underline: It's a 'template', not a semi-'scenario'. And I dare you to do a better job.

I'll leave it at that. I'll take any further issues with Jorgias to e-mail.

To Jorgias: Here's a hint on how to fix your English:

1) Go to the instructions window in the editor.

2) Type a file name and hit "Export".

3) The text file will be in your Scenarios folder. Open it with Word and do a spell check.

4)Repeat 1 and 2, but Import instead of Exporting.

There you go.
The Crazy Person Or you can use a site like http://www.freetranslations.com and do all your translating directly from Spanish. Granted it wont be exact, but it'll be easier to understand when you are trying to translate it yourself.
XXXDKXXX Or you can use www.spellcheck.net

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