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Version: Empires: Retail Release
file out of date.
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Midgard Eagle "[Creativity:] You got the maximo maid.I love the second war and you just gave me all in one with full dosis of realism"
Please look up "Creativity". Once you have done that, tell me ONE thing that's new about this scenario.

And don't get me started on the fact that you loved World War II... But I guess if someone walks up to you and says "I loved 9/11" you wouldn't mind, in which case you're not a hypocrite (but shady nonetheless).

"It is realy huge map,i dont understand the comments of the other guys from the forum.I love this map with all his towns,farms ,roads,street lights,it is very well detailed recreating very goog the atmosphere and when day and night changes ..Maybe paris and london need some touch. "
ANYONE can go berserk with the objects and make a mess of a map. It has to look real, though, or it's not a good map. When you travel around in reality, does your neighbourhood really look like that? I thought not.

I also completely fail to realize how you can give such a score to a scenario with such an inaccurate map.

"I also want to comment about one of the guys of the forum who talked very bad about this scenario.He should not make bad personal comments of any author."
I, too, have noticed this bug that lets you submit a score lower than a 5.0. Users on various forums also have the tendency to comment about bugs and imbalances. It's really annoying how people actually say so when something sucks. It really bugs me, but worse yet, it makes people do a better job with their scenarios!

Don't worry, though, I've contacted Angel Park and he promises to let through only scenarios reviews with a score of 4-5 in the future.

"[Instructions]Here I also disagree totally with the other guys.Maybe they did not realize that when they pass the arrow of the mouse over the objectives they get full instructions on the leftdown side of the screen.I folow them step by step .Is just like the second war.In scale of course"
N'ah?! Next you'll be telling me I'll get a box with the strenghts and weaknesses of a unit in it if I hover my mouse over a unit!

Only adding a description to an objective is not remotely enough for even a TWO. A FIVE is a full-page description of the scenario on the download page, and an in-game scenario introduction. And in my opinion, a detailed Readme document with more interesting information. The fact that his "description" is written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS just brings the grade down.

Please compare this scenario to other scenarios on this page, and to SSSi's scenarioes. The description in Jorgias' "scenario" gives you a slightly less detailed description.

The total lack of correct spelling (for example, there is no such thing as "II World War. 2nd World War, maybe, but "two World War"?) pulls the score down a lot.

The thing is, maybe you had fun with this scenario. But compared to almost every other scenario here, it -to be frank- sucks. A rating of "3" means the scenario is "averagely" good. A "4" is something that stands out, while a "5"
is near perfection. Seeing this scenario is WELL below average, it gets a score of 1s and 2s. If SSSi made their scenarios this way, nobody would get Empires.


[Edited on 01/23/04 @ 11:10 PM]

File Author

About my English sorry ,yes I am spanish,I make my scenarios for myself and enough that I translate them (badly ,but understandable) so other people can also play them.
It seems that some people confuse scenario with campaign.If i want to play a simple scenario,small i just play a random map of empires,where i can also adjust the difficulty to a very high one.
If i want to play one with lots of instructions and complicated history then i play a campaign.
So if i make an a scenario is to make something that empires doesn't give to me . a huge scenario with lots of details,and where i can have macrobattles.
About self rating Middgard was right so i will not do it anymore,so i hope that he does the same and avoids to rate my scenarios anymore(unless he rates leaving out personal feelings).
PD.there was a rate of a guy to my II world war scenario.The one who had to oveclock his graphic card.Well that's was a real one not of mine.SO i think that more than removing attending at rates coming from the same I.P.The administrator has just removed any high rate to my scenarios.WHat i find that breaks the neutrality that the administrator should have.
Also i think that some very offensive,(into the personal comments)i have received should also be removed to keep clean and healthy these forums or comments.Comment,rate,technically and always with respect.
Midgard Eagle "So if i make an a scenario is to make something that empires doesn't give to me . a huge scenario with lots of details,and where i can have macrobattles."
With respect, your maps don't have any details the Random Maps do not have.

Random Maps have mixed terrain, so do your scenarios. Random Maps have barely any eye-candy, as do your scenarios. And Random Maps do let you have "macro-battles" on "huge maps". Ever tried Action Mode or Deathmatch?

Mechstra Also, Jorgias, a scenario is part of a campaign, and a campaign (the campaign file format) can consist of only one scenario - thus, to polarise the two and to differentiate between what is expected of the two is wrong. A scenario could be more complicated than a long string of scenarios made into a campaign.
Ghost010 Playability: 1
If it lags... Don't play it.

Balance: 1
If you cant see your units or even move them.. Don't play it.

Creativity: 1
No comment.

Map Design: 1
If map is not good, exit the game open map folder and delete it.

Story/Instructions: 1
No Instructions? Do what it says above...

Additional Comments:
Now thats harsh.

[Edited on 04/17/05 @ 03:23 PM]

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