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Revolutionary Battle

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Version: Empires: Retail Release
Revolutionary Battle is a short movie depicting a battle between Americans and British Colonials. Although short, the realism and detail put into the movie more than makes up for the lack of "movie".


(Place the music file in your sounds folder)
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toxic tAnk
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Um, its a movie nothing to play :p

Balance: 5
Movie, nothing to balance :

Creativity: 3
Nothing too creative here, just a battle. Can't really say its a bad battle though, just nothing to give it a higher score.

Map Design: 4
Map Design was good I liked it, but there was nothing amazing about it.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well there was not really a story at all besides they were fighting. But I don't feel it deserves a lower score.

Additional Comments:
All in all I think it is a good movie. You used the camera good and it felt like a real battle. It definitely could be better, but its fine for what you made it for.
File Author
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
A movie, no playability.

Balance: 3
A movie, ask the American soldiers about the balance.

Creativity: 3
I like large 1700s wars, so I enjoyed this one. But it seems to me that most of the scenes were taken from movie "The Patriot". If not, I'm sorry for misunderstanding.

Map Design: 5
Best design I've yet seen for Empires. Good field, good eye-candy, some houses here and there just make it better. Good job.

Story/Instructions: 3
Story was presented pretty poorly, but it was enough. There were no instructions since this is still a movie.

Additional Comments:
I liked this clip. I apologize the author for such a low rating, but I cannot give points for playability nor balance here. Nor did I take out points for those.

I think this is an above average movie, but it is "a bit" short. There were also some little timing problems.

-the units die too late when the cannonball drops. Try to make them die a bit earlier.

-it is kind of funny, that when the first soldiers of British, for example, fire, the second row of Americans die. You should make the first row fall first, it's more realistic.

-try to make longer movies, but always remember to keep the quality too.

There's always something that can be improved. Not bad for an early try, though.
The Adder Guys, because it's a movie you shouldn't rate low or give it a five. Balance it with the other scores so you get something that works as a score, that's just an idea until the Movie review guideline is finished.
File Author
Thanks for the wonderful reviews!

I think you should rename playability and balance to something else, like "Camera" or something. To be fair, 3's aren't that fair and neither are 5's.

Also, I can't control who dies. And in the Patriot (which I did copy, but so what...), some units in the back row did die. I don't want to use a kill trigger because it will look too obvious that I used one..the way they die now is quite satisfactory.

This was practice for a huge campaign gauranteed to knock your socks off:).
Lt_Surge99 Well, I tried to find an average score which was 3...We really need movie-review-system.

Maybe you could give lots of attack to the units, and then task them to first row guys with "Task-Object > Action: Attack" ?

I think there's stance -changing among the effects too. You can change soldiers' stances to the one in which they do not attack.

I took points off from creativity just to bug you *rude*

j/k , good job with Patriot -thing. You did it pretty well.
Map Design3.0
It's really just average. The use of camera was decent, so I compensated for it in Creativity. But, the map design was...weak. I mean, as the camera rolls between the lines, you have cacti on the battlefield. They don't exactly mix with the pine trees. ;)

The story was simple, the design was simple. I'm sure this couldn't have taken longer than an hour to make.

When you have the guys talking at the beginning, you could have at least named them "General" or something. When it says that "carabineer" is talking...I don't know.

As has been noted, the guys die a little late from the cannon fire. And yes, you can control who dies. Having the second line fall over isn't exactly realistic.

And maybe I'm being too critical, but the actual battle was horid. The reload times were extreme. In real battle you would have had the front line fire while the second line reloads. After the first line fired, they would fall back and the second line would come up and shoot while the line that was in front reloads and it would cycle.

If you could have pulled that off...

[Edited on 11/19/03 @ 10:44 PM]

File Author

Its ok, I expected this reviews. I really made this for fun and didn't put any effort whatsoever into it.

My next scenario, if I get around to finishing it, should please all...its loaded with the eye candy I'm so good at making:).
Byzantine_Warrior I'm not going to review this scenario, since there is no movie review thing yet. However, I did watch this movie... all 1:33 minutes of it.

Anyway, here's my review:

Firing up Empires, I set out to watch this Revolutionary Battle.
The scenario faded in. The beginning camera shot was nice, except for a little jerk at the very end, not very major though. The scenario informed me of what I was looking at (the battle) and the date. I also enjoyed the terrain and ambient objects. Unfortunately, the camera swung down to a view of the two horse's behinds as the commanders talked. I thought that this was a very bad angle. Perhaps a shot of the general’s faces would have been more appropriate.
The commander told the cannons to fire. There was a very long pause before the cannons fired, and the same camera shot was used as with the horses. Again, maybe a wider angle of all the cannons would be better in this case.
After the cannons fired, it went to the front lines of infantry fighting. The camera was alright, but for a true professional look, different shots would be better. If you watch movies from Hollywood or what have you, you'll see that the same camera angle is not stuck with for a prolonged period of time. Two or three more camera angles would have been nice. The map design for the front lines was okay. First off, the background (mainly behind the red coats) was blank and flat. Also, there were cacti in the battle field. That seemed very out of place. Fix these and you'll have a very appealing map. On the side, it seemed at times that the infantry for the blue would have blue lights comes from them with an odd sound. Not sure if this is fixable, but surely something to look into.
When the horses came to outflank the infantry, again, I did not like the camera angle. A high, more revealing shot of the swarms of cavalry would have been better suited. The village they rode through was appalling, with scattered houses and no sign of ambients or elevation. The visibility went out too fast, as the camera was still jogging with the cavalry, though I could not see them. This, for me, was the worst part of the scenario. Better map design and trigger timing can fix this.
Finally, the ending retreat was okay. The camera angle was mediocre. If it were just a bit more zoomed out, it would have been a good shot. I liked how it went behind the farm and house. The ending was not at all enjoyable, as the scenario just ended, no fade out, and only a small recap.

Overall: This movie can be a lot better. While some elements are well done, such as the opening camera shot and the opening map, there are improvements to be made.

Good opening shot.
Good opening map design.
Good dialogue for the most part.

Bad camera angles for the most part.
Map design needs work (blank areas, cacti, and the village are what stick out here.)
Trigger timing (long pauses, visibility.)
Better ending needed (fade out with a bigger recap than one or two sentences.)
1:33 minute time was unsatisfying.

Overall Rating: 2.5

I tried to stay fair in this, and write it so that it may help you with your future scenario work.

[Edited on 11/22/03 @ 11:02 PM]

qb_rms "Its ok, I expected this reviews. I really made this for fun and didn't put any effort whatsoever into it."

It's always good that you're cluttering this place up with meaningless stuff...;)
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