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Topic Subject:Gamespy Contact List [Updated for Patch]
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Fallen Angel
(id: The Adder)
posted 12-13-03 06:41 PM EDT (US)         
So, yeah, what's a forum without one of these. Post your Gamespy name and I'll add you to the list. It should prove helpful for forum parties, playing games with other forumers, ect. If you want to find a forumer on the list press: Ctrl+f and type in the forumers name.

The list:
[Forumer names will appear first and Gamespy names will appear to the right of them, they'll also appear in alphabetical order in case you're wondering ;- ).]

Adder : Addah
AgeofEvan3001 : N_AgeofEvan3001
Angel Park : HG-Park
AntiAmi : [DoJo]_AntiAmi
Average_Joe : Avenger_Joe
AzN : evenS0ng
ca_aok : WND_ca_aok
Confused Soldier : [aoJ]Riled-UpSoldier
Conquer_RON : TSC_RON
COS_SwiftDeath : }COS{_SL_SwiftDeath
Dark_warri0r_3lf : Dark_warri0r_3lf
DelfinoMessor : [AIrBoRnE]_De_Me_
Democritus : HG_Democritus
Dirty_Laundry : [DoJo]_XLith1umX
dutchpower : {Dragon}_{Scumbag}
Eddy The Great : Eduardini
Full Metal Man : Killa_Penguin
gamergc : [AIrBoRnE]_gamergc
HIGH EMPEROR : Teddinator
ibeezbec : ibeezbc
iceemaker : IAmNotIceemaker
its_me : [aoJ]Emperior_Eric
jimmy_pat1403 : sg1403
jimbo6james : >TEP_Leader<_Jimbo_James
LiGhT_Darkness : _An_American_Soldier
LEAL_IronMaiden : LEAL_IronMaiden
Lysimachus : Lysimachus, TSC_Lysimachus
MajorBradly : Eh_Mgr_Brad
MiNdWaRp: WND_MiNdWaRp
Mokon : TSC_Mokon_86
NeW_ZoltroN : TSC_soldier
Niksy : LonelyKnight_Nikson
Omnipotent : [MAJ]RevoKnight
Osiriss: [AIrBoRnE]_Osiriss-x
pattonjr : General_Shawn
qb_rms : qb_rms
sCa_Disciple : The_Kremlin, and sCa^Arcadia
Sir Nickolas : SirNikalus
tedman333 : Tedman333
TenDegreesBelow : TSC_Hyphen
The Cockroach : [aoJ]the_great_cockroach
The Crazy Person : [CGN]Vassili
third_day_fan : TSC_Blade
Valdraz SSSI : Valdraz
VaDoR : _-KuA-_VaDoR
Wanderlust : WND_Wanderlust
WarLord_ZeZar : (WL)_ZeZar
yobbo_da_man : F|A-22X King Raptor
_o0XxX0o_: _o0XxX0o_HG
Last updated 08-30-04

Adder |
"I would like to wonder if Adder always acts like a stuck up asshole?" - Coldviper

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posted 05-04-04 04:11 PM EDT (US)     101 / 132       
do you mean the internet play as well? because, i fought against Confused_soldier before.
Confused Soldier
posted 05-08-04 03:39 PM EDT (US)     102 / 132       
My nickname had just changed. Now I'm known as Riled-Up_Soldier. Some reason I couldn't login with my nickname... so... I had to change it.

That sad part was that AzN didn't know who I was...

I think I wet myself...

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posted 05-10-04 12:01 PM EDT (US)     103 / 132       
Confused Soldier
posted 06-12-04 03:35 AM EDT (US)     104 / 132       
And now I'm [aoJ]Riled-UpSoldier

I think I wet myself...
posted 06-23-04 09:11 AM EDT (US)     105 / 132       
Christians Alike

I've Changed to >TEP_Leader<_Jimbo_James

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The Cockroach
posted 07-03-04 09:59 PM EDT (US)     106 / 132       
im new so if yall care im [aoJ]the_great_cockroach
Confused Soldier
posted 07-03-04 10:01 PM EDT (US)     107 / 132       
Read my last post. You know me.

Adder! When will you update this? My nickname has changed and so has someone else and my other buddy has entered.

I think I wet myself...

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The Cockroach
posted 07-03-04 10:12 PM EDT (US)     108 / 132       
yeah what he said
posted 07-05-04 11:24 PM EDT (US)     109 / 132       
for some reason, when im in lobby, my name looks like [MAJRevoKnight]
Confused Soldier
posted 07-05-04 11:26 PM EDT (US)     110 / 132       
It's suppose to do that. Don't even ask why. I don't know why!

I think I wet myself...
posted 07-06-04 00:26 AM EDT (US)     111 / 132       
though many of you alrdy know this and it doesnt really matter seeing i cant play on gamespy right now because of my comp in all. but i am [aoJ]Emperior_Eric (leader of aoJ, thank you lol)

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" proverbs 27:17

Wait in this land we must
++++++++++++++++++++I do not stand alone++++++++++++++++++++

Full Metal Man
posted 07-07-04 02:14 AM EDT (US)     112 / 132       
As it says in my sig I am Apocalypse_Commando, nsmed after my one of my favorite war movies Apocalypse Now, starring the recently deceased Marlon Brando.

I took the.... 1000th post No that wasn't me; What did I do? - Nothing guess i am useless
Anything in parenthesis should (not) be ignored.
Gamespy ID- Killa_Penguin

The Cockroach
posted 07-10-04 10:21 AM EDT (US)     113 / 132       
when will this be updated?

Gamespy Name: [aoJ]The_Great_Cockroach Took 1700th post in Word Associations MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
Fallen Angel
(id: The Adder)
posted 07-10-04 10:23 AM EDT (US)     114 / 132       
Yeah, sorry, I haven't been around because I moved. *Updates*

Once again, my apologies.

Adder |
"I would like to wonder if Adder always acts like a stuck up asshole?" - Coldviper

[This message has been edited by Adder (edited 07-10-2004 @ 10:27 AM).]

posted 07-10-04 10:38 AM EDT (US)     115 / 132       
That's ok. Unless we, at least, have a total git good mod with us, then we're happy.
posted 07-13-04 03:02 PM EDT (US)     116 / 132       
posted 07-15-04 01:21 AM EDT (US)     117 / 132       
LEAL_IronMaiden: LEAL_IronMaiden

[This message has been edited by LEAL_IronMaiden (edited 07-15-2004 @ 01:22 AM).]

Full Metal Man
posted 07-27-04 11:20 PM EDT (US)     118 / 132       
I had to change my name after accidently deleted Apocalypse_Commando so now my name is Killa_Penguin. Beware of the Penguin! Currently 3-0
posted 08-07-04 11:13 AM EDT (US)     119 / 132       
Missing me...


"To the Kingdom that shall never falter! To the Kingdom that shall last forever!
Let it be a spark of light, so others may see in their darkest hour the meaning of ruler!"-Eduardini

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posted 08-09-04 10:59 AM EDT (US)     120 / 132       
I am the One, The Only, The Greatest _An_American_Soldier

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(id: jimmy_pat1403)
posted 08-30-04 02:00 PM EDT (US)     121 / 132       
I am newbie to this game. I love it though! I am from RoN Heaven and I was at EE Heaven for a period of time aswell. Add me, my name is sg1403.
posted 11-24-04 07:08 AM EDT (US)     122 / 132       
posted 12-03-04 01:52 PM EDT (US)     123 / 132       
posted 12-28-05 06:22 AM EDT (US)     124 / 132       
posted 12-28-05 06:53 AM EDT (US)     125 / 132       
Blascapone - General Hidalgo
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