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Topic Subject:Scenario Hotkeys
posted 06-07-09 02:51 AM EDT (US)         
It's been said before, somewhere...

1. CTRL + T (Shows Tile Grid). Click a 2nd time to show coordinates. Click a 3rd time to show more information. Click a 4th time to clear tiles and tile information. Or bypass the 2nd and 3rd clicks by Shift + T.

2. You can copy and paste units and buildings by selecting the units you want to copy and then holding down SHIFT + ALT then double-clicking the selected units. It's a real quick way to create a large army or copy a town.

3. During Test Mode Shift + F5 will Return to Editor.

4. During Test Mode Ctrl + H (Shows Trigger Usage [5 at a time]). Again to remove.

5. During Test Mode Ctrl + Y (Shows LOS For Unit). Again to remove.

6. Transferring triggers saved from one Scenario Ctrl + S to another Scenario Ctrl + L.

7. Auto Battle Generator

If you know of any others i'll add them to the list if you post them.

Matthew 5:11

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