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Topic Subject:Problem with Object:Task-Area\Object
posted 03-30-09 07:13 AM EDT (US)         
Please help me guys. I have been trying to make a scenario using some of the ideas of Derfel Cadarn (creator of "Pawns of the Empire"). But I bump into a very annoying problem.

You know that you can set a Task for the units. I know how to do that. That's easy. BUT for me it isn't that easy to set a Task for units that are created during the game via the "Create Object" Effect. I've tried everything.I did it like this:

1.First I create my soldier [object name GENERAL (selected on map)].
2.Then I create a Town Center owned by Player 3 with the following options checked: "SELECTED BY - Player 1" and "NEAR - GENERAL.
3.Then I create an object called "Grenadiers" (In Area 09 which I've created right next to the Town Center) with owner - Player 2 and Class - Grenadier (franks).
4.Then I make the following effect: OBJECT---CREATE---Grenadier.
5.Then I make another effect:OBJECT---TASK-UNIT---Grenadier--to--GENERAL---ESCORT.
6.Then I make a trigger-IF---"Town Center" Exists---then---Create unit Grenadiers-and-Task-Object Grenadiers to GENERAL.

And it goes like this: I get the GENERAL near the Town Center, I select the Town Center and the Grenadiers appear. But for some reason they don't follow the GENERAL.

Please help me. Tell me where did I go wrong?

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posted 03-30-09 03:16 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Maybe you have the General object with the "slected by" activated. In that case you should untick that option. Also you can try to make the task area effect to come like half a second after the grenadiers are created.

Hope that helps.

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posted 03-30-09 04:17 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
5.Then I make another effect:OBJECT---TASK-UNIT---Grenadier--to--GENERAL---ESCORT.
I'm not 100% sure but maybe you should change "escort" to "guard" in the effect because escort might be a "dead setting" that doesn't do anything.

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posted 03-31-09 02:52 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Jocamar, thanks very much for the fast and I hope helpful reply. I'll try it as soon as I can and inform ya'll.

And CptIronMike , I am sure that the escort effect works. I've tried the same thing with units that already exist. But I don't know why non of the task-area or task-object effects work on newly created unit. But thanks for the post anyway. I appreciate it.
Stainless Steel Studios
posted 04-01-09 10:58 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
I'm not sure if escort works. One thing you can try is task the grenadier to the General and loop it every couple of seconds or whatever is acceptable to you. If you want the grenadier to fight if the General is threatened you'll need to make separate triggers that turn on/off depending if enemy troops are nearby, then when it's all clear turn the 'task to general' trigger back on. Otherwise, any attack the grenadier attempts will be interrupted by the looping task-to trigger.

Just make a trigger that checks if any enemy unit is in LOS of the General, then turn off the task-to trigger for the grenadier. If you're having trouble having a trigger locate an object-spec, then add a variable to the grenadier when he is created so you can reference that unit specifically (not just any grenadier on the map, unless he is the only one then you won't need to tag him with a variable).

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posted 04-10-09 09:09 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Hey guys I've just figured it out.

1.Make the GENERAL object.
2.Make the BASE object (Town Center) with "near-GENERAL" and "Selected by-PL1" checked.
2.Create an object(crusader for example) with owner-PL2 and the unit being "Crusader(Franks)"
3.Then create/duplicate an object just like the crusader but instead of a crusader choose something else[Regular(England)-for example.]
4.Create Task-Objects for both the Crusader and Regular both -----to-----GENERAL;Action-Escort.
5.In the Effects make "Create object-Crusader" and "Create object-Regular" Effects both in an area which you should create near the Town Center for Example.
6.In the Triggers make one Trigger like this:Trigger Name--TRAIN_CRUSADER---then----"Create object Crusader" and "Task-Object Crusader".
7.Do the same Trigger just this time name it TRAIN_REGULAR and
"Create Regular" and "Task object Regular.BUT BOTH TRIGGERS AT POINT 6 AND 7 MUST NOT BE TURNED ON and must be Always True.
8.Now again in the Effects make:TRIGGER---ON----TRAIN_CRUSADER---and another one---TRAIN_REGULAR.
9.Now make a Question-Dialog in the Effects like this. Which unit do you want to create.Answer.1-Crusader-Effect--TRAIN_CRUSADER TRIGGER ON.Answer.2:Regular-Effect--TRAIN_REGULAR TRIGGER ON.
10.Now put the "Question_Dialog" into a new trigger with "If object BASE exist" option and it's done.

So now when you approach the Town Center with the General and click on the Town Center a question will appear: Which unit do you want to train. You click Crusader and crusaders appear and escort your general anywhere he goes. If you click Regular and the same happens but with regulars instead of Crusaders.

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