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Topic Subject:New Strat?
posted 10-24-06 12:19 PM EDT (US)         
I downloaded Beertimes recorded match the other day against Karribes (UK vs USA) and noticed a strat that I have never seen before. Rushing with UK commandoes. Now I admit I haven't been playing much in the last few months, but is this a new strat? It worked for Beertime on very fast settings, so I was wondering... Has anyone else in this Ghost Town forum has seen this in real time online?

Then I got another recording which I will post of another player trying the same strategy against Russia. Must be new...

It's amazing, this game is 4 years old and new strats are still being created.

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posted 10-24-06 06:06 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
When I was still a newb to the game rushing with Commandos followed by SAS was usually ideal. Usually, however, the opponent adapted with Sergeants or some other stealth detecting unit and I didn't have the micro to get them out fast enough to do any real damage, but rushing with commandos isn't as new as it may seem.

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posted 10-24-06 06:20 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Sounds like a fad. Everybody uses it, then stops imediatly and some time later its brought back, but only to be killed again.

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posted 10-31-06 01:07 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
In my opinion, I would suggest trying out old strategies as the opponent might get caught defenseless and helpless. They would say, "What, this strategy still exists?", "What, you expect to destroy me with this strategy?". Eventually unprepared, they would lose.

I ONCE defeated a Korean player with the England Knight Rush. I guessed he expected me to send crossbow-men & vicars, which I didn't; I stole his entire load of firecarts. He was speechless.

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posted 11-09-06 08:11 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
I hardly ever play Empires anymore, but I do remember seeing the commando rush plenty of times.

France was probably the most popular civilization during the 3 years that I played, which could be one of the reasons the commando rush didn't become too popular. France can easily build surveillance posts to see the commandos.

Also, UK is probably the least popular civ.

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