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Topic Subject:realy cool faque
posted 09-23-06 06:13 PM EDT (US)         
this fun little stratagy can buy you huge amount of time and win some games
best on large islande

be us

build transports and rangers with 1 ambulance

build several bomber and paratroopers with wonder

fly the bombers over the enemy on attack move(they will rec havoc)(funny to watch)

if you see any aa send a few rangers in and blow up
sneak in to his eco artelerie then get out before they ingage

build a good invasion force on tank and egeneirs so on...

drop your paratroopers of wonder on theyr airfield and just aim on the airfields

start drooping paratroopers scatered on his island(he sees 2 tanks thinks it and invasion sends his force to find its 2 tanks and he moves his force arouned the map)(hihihi)(loser he is)

invade with the force in the boats with bombers and push your paratrooperrs for key targets(airfield, eco,barracks and aa)(not large force) in the end join up to your main force and just push forward with more waves behind if fighting 2v2 you have know a huge army build boats and just mase invade

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